5 Ideas and Inspiration When Designing with Lucida Laminates
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5 Ideas and Inspiration When Designing with Lucida Laminates

Lucida laminates are a very dynamic and colourful selection of CenturyLaminates. They work amazingly well in various areas of your home or office. And Lucida laminates are preferred by designers and homeowners for their various benefits. These benefits provide you with long-term longevity and durability. 

But you may be uncertain when you are wondering about the kind of designs you can make using Lucida laminates. For such a purpose, a list of some of the most inspiring ideas has been accumulated, following which you can choose any ideas to design your home. 

Table of Contents

Inspirations and Ideas to Design with Lucida Laminates

Why Design with Lucida Laminates?

       ◆ Create beautiful and safe kitchen areas

       ◆ Get the best colourful bedroom

       ◆ Renovate the furniture that you already have

       ◆ Renovate your storage space

       ◆ Change the background of your TV

In a Nutshell

Inspirations and Ideas to Design with Lucida Laminates

When thinking about creating stellar designs with Lucida Laminates, consider the below-mentioned suggestions:​​​​​​​

1. Create beautiful and safe kitchen areas​​​​​​​

One of the greatest design renovations you can do with Lucida laminates is to create the kitchen of your dreams! Lucida laminates come in a wide variety that differs from colour to texture. Depending on the colour and texture you choose, you can make some of the best good-looking countertops and cabinets in your kitchen. 

To unleash creativity, you can also experiment with many geometrical patterns, shapes, lines, or colours. One of the most amazing aspects of designing your kitchen with Lucida laminates is that it is impact, stain, abrasion, scuff, and heat resistant. So, no matter how many spills you have and the stains caused, they will not affect the laminates, nor will they last. 

2. Get the best colourful bedroom 

Another idea and inspiration for which you could use the Lucida laminates is to decorate your bedroom any way you want! Instead of using paints, you could use laminates. With Lucida laminates, you can make your bedroom any way you want. You could refurbish it entirely or decorate some parts of it. You can pick whatever shade of colour and texture you prefer, making your dream bedroom a reality!

In Lucida laminates, you can get glittery colours along with entirely solid colours. You can also get a textured pattern CenturyLaminates and implement whatever suits you best. Lucida laminates are also amazing for the variety of colours that it provides. Using them, you can make your bedroom look aesthetically pleasing or follow a colour theme. 

3. Renovate the furniture that you already have

If you are not thinking of creating something new but making small renovations, you can change some of your furniture! You can remodel many furnishings, including desks, island tables, kitchen cabinets, and bookshelves using a cost-effective method that also brings you a lot of quality. If you like colourful and shiny furniture, you could choose the many solid colours Lucida laminates have. If you don’t prefer something shiny, you can also go with a darker shade of Lucida laminates. 

Furniture is a big part of your regular space. It is necessary to make the furniture look the way you would enjoy seeing it every day. For this reason, you can experiment with different patterns and textures with Lucida laminates and create the kind of elegant home you would love to be in. 

4. Renovate your storage space

Your storage room or space is frequently away from the sight of any guests or visitors. But just because they are not visible to your guests does not mean it has to look plain and dreary. You can make your storage space look extravagant with a pop of colour!

With Lucida laminates, you would be able to not only increase the beauty of the storage space but also protect it from any termite and borer attack. Furthermore, your storage space would be safe from impact, abrasion, scraps, and anything that may cause harm to your interior. With sturdy laminates, you could also cover any damage your storage room may have gone through, making it look vibrant and cheerful.

5. Change the background of your TV​​​​​​​

Sometimes, your living room with the TV may look dreary, especially the wall behind the screen. And in these situations, all it needs is a little splash of colour and texture. Using Lucida laminates, you could make the background of your TV look polished and elegant. If you want to go with something rustic and vintage, even then, you can find the range of Lucida laminate that you would love. ​​​​​​​

Why Design with Lucida Laminates?​​​​​​​

You can design with Lucida laminates for the various benefits that you can receive. First, Lucida laminates have many colours, textures, and patterns in the CenturyLaminates. But by purchasing Lucida laminates, you get appearance and quality. 

Lucida laminates are scrap, abrasion, stain, impact, and heat resistance. Along with these, it is also antiviral and anti-microbial. With the help of virokill technology, it can protect you and your family from any virus while looking beautiful. 

In a Nutshell​​​​​​​

You can get many more ideas and inspirations when it comes to designing with Lucida laminates. You can also find something unique to your home by browsing through the available range of Lucida laminates. Using these varieties, you can create something beautiful and something that would last for years without needing to be repaired or renovated. 

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