3 Best Style Finishes from Lucida Premium Hi-Gloss Laminates
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3 Best Style Finishes from Lucida Premium Hi-Gloss Laminates

CenturyLaminates has produced many amazing products that are incredibly useful when renovating your home and have the best quality. One such product is Lucida laminates. A part of CenturyLaminates, Lucida laminates brings you a lot of varieties and styles to choose from. 

These styles come in different shades of colour and have different textures. Lucida laminates have great qualities that contribute to their durability and longevity. With these qualities, you would never have to concern yourself with any damage that could be caused to the laminates. 

Table of Contents

➔ 3 Amazing Styles from premium Hi-Gloss Lucida Laminates

      ◆ Lucida Stones

      ◆ Lucida Glitters

      ◆ Lucida Solids

➔ Other Lucida Laminate Shades for Your Home

➔ Unique Qualities of Lucida Laminates’ Styles

➔ In a Nutshell

3 Amazing Styles from Hi-Gloss Lucida Laminates

When you want to improve your home with the best CenturyLaminates, you can go with some of the best styles that Lucida laminates provide. These styles are both innovative and hi-gloss that can be used in various places, be it within residential or commercial areas. It would provide you with a mirror-like finish that lasts for many years. Some of the best Lucida laminate styles include the following:

● Lucida Stones

Lucida stones bring a unique design with beautiful hues that present a charged and untamed atmosphere. The Lucida stones are a combination of durability and gorgeousness. Its breathtaking laminate range brings out a lush style with solid shades. 

Lucida stones include mayapis mahogany, shorea mahogany, almon mahogany, grava mars, lapis azul, and esperanto. Most of these CenturyLaminates come in darker tones, which could be used in your bedroom. And with Lucida stones, there is not much variety, but the styles you can find are exquisite and of great quality. 

● Lucida Glitters

Lucida glitters brings you some really shiny colours of styles. They are adored among kids who prefer glittery spaces. The CenturyLaminates provide high strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion, scratches, or anything else. You could use such a style in your kids' bedroom to make the interiors look eye-catching and hypnotic. 

No matter where you use Lucida glitters, it will always draw your eyes and give a view of a cheerful environment with layers of good material and carved edges. It is among one of the most desired ranges of Lucida laminates. The CenturyLaminates under the category of Lucida glitters includes snow glacier, sunrise glacier, golden glacier, and silver glacier. These laminates come in four different colours with a glittery sheen. 

● Lucida Solids

Lucida solids are considered fundamental CenturyLaminates, which can be used for kitchen countertops or other centrepieces. It comes with solid colours and high heat resistance while providing contrasting visuals. Such a range of Lucida laminates attracts attention to every corner and nook of the space with its bright presence. Lucida solids benefit from being resistant to scraps, abrasions, impact, etc., along with providing your space with the best hi-gloss view. 

The varieties of CenturyLaminates you can find under Lucida solids include vintage burgundy, off-white, blood red, purple, navy blue, taupe, black, dawn blue, light orange, hot pink, glaze yellow, etc. You can find many other bright solid colours under Lucida solids that may suit your needs and taste. 

Other Lucida Laminates Styles for Your Home

Under Lucida laminates, another style is available for designing your home. Lucida woodgrain is one of the most beautiful ranges of CenturyLaminates available due to its rustic and raw look. Choosing Lucida woodgrain for your designs could be better if you aim to have a vintage aesthetic. 

It has a high-quality build along with low maintenance. You can find many rich designs under Lucida woodgrains. Lucida woodgrains involve natural olive, zebra wood, chene, renoir's ebony, cordia ziricote, cranville elm, noce altea, isard, recycled teak, thar desert, sukupira prado, warhol's willow, etc.  

Unique Qualities of Lucida Laminates' Styles 

The different styles of Lucida laminates come in bright and dark colours with various textures. These textures form a point of differentiation due to the unique look they can give your interiors. And like their names, they vary in appearance. But no matter which Lucida laminate you purchase, they all come with the qualities of being highly durable and resistant to many things. 

These qualities make Lucida laminates inherently strong and antimicrobial. It is among the many reasons behind the desirability of Lucida laminates. It is also heat resistant, which makes it perfect for your kitchen. With every CenturyLaminates, you get years of warranty that signify their longevity and quality. 

No matter how many years you use hi-gloss Lucida laminates, you would not need to replace or repair them. With Lucida laminates, your interiors would always look new, and their characteristics would not deplete with time. 

In a Nutshell

The styles of Lucida laminates bring out the specialties of CenturyLaminates. All the styles share the inherent quality of being strong and durable, but the difference lies in their appearance. Some are much simpler and plain, and some are coarse. But no matter what you purchase, you will have all your needs met with a warranty. 

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