15 Design Ideas for Incorporating CenturyVeneers into Your Space
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15 Design Ideas for Incorporating CenturyVeneers into Your Space

Wood veneers give a high-end finished look to surfaces at affordable prices. Interior designers love veneers because they add a luxury appeal, provide durable quality, and come in a wide range of colours and designs.

Table of Contents

➔ Ideas for Incorporating CenturyVeneers into Your Space

       ◆ Make Headboards The Focal Point of Your Room

       ◆ Give Even Your Artwork a Veneer Finish

       ◆ Make Your Wardrobe Look Stylish

       ◆ Add a Statement Veneer Furniture

       ◆ Give a Warm and Natural Look With Wood Panelling

       ◆ Beautify Your Kitchen Cabinets

       ◆ Make Your Doors Special

       ◆ Acoustic Cladding

       ◆ Bar Counter

       ◆ Beautify Your Chairs

       ◆ Shine Your Dining Tables

       ◆ Fireplace

       ◆ Accessorise With Veneers

       ◆ Add a Luxury Touch to Your Coffee Table

➔ Conclusion

14 Ideas for Incorporating CenturyVeneers

Beautiful CenturyVeneers sheets can be incorporated into your space in several ways. They can achieve a  bold and beautiful look or even make your interiors feel cosy and inviting. Mentioned below are 14 different ways you can incorporate CenturyVeneers in your space.

1. Make Headboards The Focal Point of Your Room

If you look into any bedroom, you will find a bed. The headboard of a bed is its crowning glory. You can go bold and choose eye catchy veneer designs for the headboard and even the sides of your bed. But since the bed is a place where you unwind and relax, it is always a good choice to opt for soothing designs. The SenzuraStyles range of Recon veneers gives you amazing designs which you can use to add a luxury touch to your beds. Most people like to create a statement and take the headboard to the ceiling so that all eyes notice the beautiful veneer chosen.

2. Give Even Your Artwork a Veneer Finish 

Bedrooms with art pieces are invariably elegant. But adding a veneer backdrop to your favourite artwork gives your entire space a timeless and royal feel. If you do not have artwork to go with the veneer, you can choose a designer clock against the veneer to improve your home decor. You can also hang accent lights to make them stand out.

3. Make Your Wardrobe Look Stylish

The charm of wooden wardrobes is undeniable. They never go out of style. But you can make your wardrobe even more stylish by giving it a veneer finish. Opt for the glowy or glittery finish to contrast matte textures in your rooms. You can also go for veneers with a metallic finish. Make sure the veneer chosen reflects your style and personality.

4. Add a Statement Veneer Furniture 

Make room for statement veneer furniture in your space and arrange all your frames, collectables, awards, and memorabilia. If you place it in the living room and add the right kind of lighting above, it will attract the attention of any guests that arrive and add to the ambience you are trying to create in that space.

5. Give a Warm and Natural Look With Wood Panelling 

Use exotic Veneers to decorate your wood panelling to give your space a warm and welcoming feel. The Natzurawoods range by CenturyVeneers comes from the exotic forests of Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. It offers designs inspired by nature and is carefully crafted to provide the exquisite look you desire.

6. Beautify Your Kitchen Cabinets

Veneer cabinets bring vibrancy when used in the kitchen. CenturyVeneers are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also durable and non-toxic. Hence they can be used without any concerns in the kitchen. You can use veneers for cabinets in other rooms as well. The SenzuraStyles range of Recon veneers offers a wide range that can make your normal kitchen feel luxurious.

7. Make Your Doors Special

Because why should furniture have all the fun? Since the veneer is an actual wood peel, it gives a real wood feel! You can use natural veneer or reconstituted ones to improve your doors’ feel and appearance. If you choose veneer for your main door, it adds a cosy and inviting touch to the door. CenturyVeneers are strong and durable and leave a lasting impression on everyone who shows up at your door!

8. Acoustic Cladding

Acoustic Cladding has been a trend in interior design for quite a while. Many rooms, especially bedrooms, have entertainment or sound systems installed in insulation panels on the walls. If you add a veneer sheet to these acoustic panels, it provides elegance and improves the overall design of the space.

9. Bar Counter 

A bar counter with natural veneers is a trend most interior designers love. You can opt for reconstituted veneers or the Bohemian styles by the SenzuraStyles range of veneers. It makes the space look extra chic, and if you add the right lights, the beauty of the veneer will go unnoticed by your guests. 

10. Beautify Your Chairs 

Whether your chairs have lost their charm and designs or want to add a touch of glamour, you can always opt for veneers to make them look unique and made of high-quality wood.

11. Shine Your Dining Tables 

Dining tables are places where the whole family gets together daily to eat, talk and make memories. Feasting is often associated with joy and celebration. The NatzuraWoods range by CenturyVeneers has designs that offer creativity and adaptability across different surfaces. Make your dining tables special by using veneers on them.

12. Fireplace 

While many households may not own a fireplace, those who do know its importance. Whether you use it or not, the fireplace is one of the focal points in the living room. 

13. Accessorise with Veneers 

CenturyVeneers are so popular because they can be seamlessly incorporated into any space. You can add veneers to your otherwise boring accessories, such as window sills, staircases, painting frames and more. The understated and sophisticated looks from the SenzuraStyles range work well for multiple surfaces.

14. Add a Luxury Touch to Your Coffee Table 

Give your coffee tables a stylish and unique touch by adding CenturyVeneers. A veneer coffee table would enhance the look of your living room or bedroom. If you choose it for your bedroom, you can place the veneer coffee table near the window and add a set of wingback chairs to finish the look.


CenturyVeneers provides you with a world full of high-quality veneer sheets. Undoubtedly these designs will beautify your spaces and infuse creativity in every little piece. If sheer beauty is what you are looking for, try incorporating veneer in your spaces. 

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