Let your living room outshine like none other
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Let your living room outshine like none other

The living room as the name implies is the most important part of any house. It is this place where all the family members sit together and bond with each other. A part of a house where any family hosts meet and greet for relatives, friends and hence, it is an area that requires proper attention due to its excessive usability and significance.

The living room serves as the main showcase of any house and that is why it is important not to choose any random laminates and instead choose Lucida CenturyLaminates

Why choose laminates?

A living room is all about great conversions between family members and friends in order to share moments of zeal and warmth. Simply put, for an eminent place like a living room in any house, it needs something that beautifies and enhances its look.

For most people, laminates and the living room is a sublime pairing. Laminates have the ability to introduce a sense of definition to an existing setup. A laminate is a unique material that is strong, durable and highly customisable. It is manufactured by pressing together layers of heavy-duty kraft papers with resin which is then covered in a thin decorative layer. The beauty of a laminate is that manufacturers can easily print any kind of decorative designs with the help of laminates which makes it super easy to use.

CenturyLaminates are designed to suit a variety of applications and their wide range of textures, designs, colours and sizes gives an aesthetically appealing finish to almost all interiors of your living room. Lucida CenturyLaminates are easy to maintain and durable, which means a bit of care and maintenance will go a long way in keeping your laminates looking new for long. 

Tips to use laminates in your living room

With laminates being the latest trend in town, you can give your living room a dash of fineness with high quality laminates. Transform your living room and let it outshine with Lucida CenturyLaminates with ease.

 A pop of color and a hint of panache is what laminates can bring to a living room. The best thing about laminates is that they are highly customizable and even come in a range of attractive designs to match well with all types of dark and light, painted or wood furniture.

Here are a few ways to style up your living room with laminates.

1. Dress up the walls

Ditch the paint entirely for something that is more trendsetting and when the design possibilities are endless with Lucida CenturyLaminates, you won’t even have to worry about what to choose as no matter what design you select, it is only going to uplift the look of your living room. With laminates by CenturyPly, truly imbibe a dramatic accent into the walls of your living room.

 2. Cover up the pillars

If in case you have a column or a pillar in your living room, treat it as a canvas to spill your art with the help of laminates. You may cover the pillar with creative laminates to create either horizontal or vertical layouts or choose to go totally artsy with the more complex patterns. The trick here lies in keeping everything around plain and simple for it to have the effect it is capable of.

3. Decorate the shelves

You can even use laminates for countertops, television mount shelves, table, table racks and many more in the living room. Using laminates in such a way can really add the true glamour quotient in the living room! All you have to do is to keep the color tone of your living room in sync with the laminates you choose, although bright and warm colours are an ideal choice.

Styling the interiors with Lucida CenturyLaminates can make your living room feel more upbeat. Know more about our laminates to make a wise choice: https://www.centuryply.com/lucida/cl 


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