Plywood for Living Room | Living Room Furniture Ideas | CenturyPly

Living Room

Your living room is an extended space that allows you to unwind with family and friends. Give it a distinct look that is relaxing and inviting.

plywood design for living room
  • Sammohi Woodart 965
  • Silver Butte 926

Sammohi Woodart 965

living room design ideas
  • Fusion Maple 525
  • Oak Momada 3639

Fusion Maple 525


Give the classic wooden finish look to your living room with our Laminates from Woodgrains range.


Choosing the right textured Laminates can actually add the much needed dramatic effect to your living room.

plywood for cabinets
  • Pide Nefis Walnut 4505
  • Van Nefis Walnut 4506

Pide Nefis Walnut 4505

plywood for sofa
  • Ermanno Walnut 424 PK
  • Frosty White 111 PK

Ermanno Walnut 424 PK

plywood for walls
  • Pure Acacia 708 EO
  • Pyrus Earth 3407 EO

Pure Acacia 708 EO

plywood for flooring
  • Frosty White 111 PS
  • Radiant Red 191 PS

Frosty White 111 PS

HD Laminates

Create a space extraordinaire by selecting our HD Laminates as per your preferences.

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