Why Designers Choose Lucida Laminates as Their Top Pick
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Why Designers Choose Lucida Laminates as Their Top Pick

CenturyLaminates has brought numerous classy materials for home and workplace renovation. One of the top picks from CenturyLaminates is Lucida laminates. It is a high gloss material with a wide range of colours, designs, patterns, sizes, textures, thicknesses and much more within a pocket-friendly budget and the best warranty period.

Other than appealing high-quality looks, Lucida laminates are created with multiple technologies, making them the best fit for your space, providing durability, longevity and aesthetics. This is why Designers from all over the country pick Lucida laminates to renovate your space, bringing unique creativity around you.

Table of Contents

      Why are Lucida Laminates a Top Pick by Designers?

      Heat Resistant

      Stain and Scuff-Resistant

      Incredible Colour Fastness

      ViroKill Technology

      Bent Resistant

      Boiling Water Resistant

      Moisture Resistant

      Warranty Period

      Incredible Price Range

      Applications of Lucida Laminates

      Wrapping Up!

Why are Lucida Laminates a Top Pick by Designers?

Like we pick beauty with brains, CenturyLaminates attracts customers with durability, longevity and high-performance aesthetics. Uniqueness is the priority of the designers. They always go for the best in the market to incorporate their creativity. They look for the best product available within the budget and with multiple features. Here are top-notch features that CenturyLaminates has brought in Lucida, convincing designers to mould their interest towards them.

1.    Heat Resistant

Lucida laminate is resistant to heat and abrasions, making it a great choice by designers for your kitchen. Lucida laminates can bear up to 180 degrees Celsius. It is ideal for kitchen platforms where we generally keep hot utensils. The high temperature would not affect Lucida, and your kitchen will remain new forever.

2.    Stain and Scuff-Resistant

Many laminates available in the market have an eye-catching appearance but no features like Lucida. For instance, regular laminate gets stubborn stains like coffee, mehndi, turmeric, and pomegranate, which do not go away quickly and remain on the laminate forever. On the other hand, making efforts to remove the stain leaves some marks.

However, Lucida Laminate has the power to deal with them, too. CenturyLaminate has created Lucida with stain and scuff-resistant technology that enables it not to retain any stubborn stain and can be easily wiped out without affecting the shine of the laminate. Even if you want to wipe for general cleaning, it will not leave any mark on your Lucida laminate.

3.   Incredible Colour Fastness

Designers are aware that it is the fundamental nature of laminate to fade colour with years. They pick Lucida laminates because it has incorporated a special layer of unique overlay tissue that makes it resistant to Xenon arc light. It helps maintain colour integrity with extended usage time and holds onto a robust, appealing appearance, attracting visitors.

4.    ViroKill Technology

Lucida laminate is built with ViroKill technology, which works as a self-doctoring agent and instantly kills viruses and microbes. Designers picked Lucida so that the clients would not regularly complain of damage due to sanitising material to maintain hygiene.

Guests come and leave. Clients do not have to wipe off the furniture and other products every now and then to keep their loved ones safe from harmful pathogens coming from outside. Let Lucida handle your safety concerns from harmful pathogens.

5.    Bent Resistant

Laminates come in different thicknesses. Certain laminates with suitable thickness have a chance of getting damaged during installation. Unlike other laminates, Lucida laminates do not bend under intense pressure and maintain their strength. It is only due to the bent-resistant technology incorporated in the Lucida laminates. The feature ensures designers pick Lucida laminates, amongst others.

6.    Boiling Water Resistant

When we use quality laminates in kitchens and restrooms, we tend to worry if boiling water gets sprayed on the laminate. Boiling water can easily damage regular laminates but not Lucida.

Designers prefer Lucida for kitchen cabinets, platforms and tables, bathroom doors and panels and so on because of its boiling water-resistant technology. The technology enables the laminate to bear the boiling water to a great extent, making it durable while maintaining its aesthetics.

7.    Moisture Resistant

Another common but significant concern of customers is moisture. Moisture is easily retained on laminates, making them shrink and lose quality with time. Lucida laminates are moisture resistant, removing the worry of customers and designers about using laminate in places where moisture content is high.

8.    Warranty Period

Lucida laminates come with a ten-year warranty period, winning consumers' trust to purchase more and have faith in the product's longevity. This feature builds a bridge of trust between customers and the company.

Applications of Lucida Laminates

From furniture to cabinets, countertops and kitchen surfaces, Ludica laminates can be used anywhere to bring a glossy, definition look. Here are the primary applications of Lucida laminates as per the user feedback.


      Door panels

      Wall panels

      Kitchen cabinets

      Kitchen platform





      The outer area of Home

Wrapping Up!

Lucida laminates are one of the topmost materials in CenturyLaminates. There are multiple technologies in Lucida, making it an ideal choice for converting residential places, offices, and restaurants into appealing classic space that attracts visitors and makes them complement your choice.

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