Why are Laminates in the Kitchens Trending This Season?
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Why are Laminates in the Kitchens Trending This Season?


Laminates are an obvious option when decorating the kitchen with beauty and style according to the lighting and interiors. But the kitchen surfaces and cabinets witness the harshest environment with heat, and cold, knife scratches, stains and multiple other things. Choosing a long-lasting material with preservation of looks is a must. 

Table of Contents

➔ What are Laminates?

➔ Benefits of Using Kitchen Laminates

➔ Popularity/Trend of Laminates in Kitchens

➔ Laminate Designs Ideas with CenturyLaminates

        ◆ Pastel Colours

        ◆ Metallic combination

        ◆ Glossy decor

        ◆ Contrast colours

➔ Conclusion

What are Laminates?

Decorative laminates are nothing but sunmica (a common household name) present over wooden surfaces. Made of paper resin (our special feature) and plastic, they find wide application in almost every home part. Affordable and preferable due to its strength, it is currently a popular choice in homes.

Benefits of Using Kitchen Laminates

Enlisting the advantages associated with laminates:

● Customise the kitchen according to choice. After all, surprisingly, quality and quantity of time are spent there. It should match the taste and feel refreshing to bring ideas while cooking and satisfy you while eating to calm different emotions. 

● Durability will make the kitchen cabinets last long. The easy maintenance, if done consistently, will also let you pass the kitchen to the next generation.

● Easy maintenance by wiping with a sponge or soft cloth is all needed to clean.

● Lying within the budget, the beauty, longevity and maintenance are easy to buy without compromise.

● Waterproof and non-porous nature will overcome any water spilling, leakage, overflow and splashing accidents. The laminates will not increase your cost if you keep wet utensils on the laminates by mistake. 

● Bore and termite resistance enables you to decorate however you want. Add loads of plants in the kitchen or live in termite-prone areas. The laminates will have you covered without settling for less. 

CenturyLaminates are regarded as the leading producer and supplier of decorative laminates. Existing for decades, they offer the best craftsmanship combined with features that make the laminates last long. Looking into the multitude of features offered only by CenturyLaminates to provide the best for the kitchen:

● Characteristics like reliability, durability, stain and scuff resistant.

● Durability enables any style to be easily produced by carpenters.

● CenturyLaminates ensure consistent and uniform sanding to avoid the bubbling of laminates.  

● Easily cleanable and accompanied by low maintenance.

● Colour protection by the company through a Unique Overlay Tissue Layer.

● Manufactured utilising Virokill technology which uses a nanotechnology approach to kill the microbes like bacteria, fungi and viruses, thus maintaining hygiene and making it suitable for kitchens, dining tables and other related furniture products.

● Highest-level finish with precision and consistency. 

● Laminates can be customised according to the interiors, people's personal choices, and decorative style.

● CenturyLaminates cover their laminates with ten years of warranty to rectify any complaints and mistakes the customers face.

● They provide all the mentioned characteristics at an affordable price with the option to raise the quote for different types of laminate products.

● The properties mentioned above make it universally applicable to various surfaces and cabinets. Hence, other applications include laptop tables, table tops, cabinets, furniture and other areas.

Laminate Design Ideas with CenturyLaminates 

1. Pastel colours

Pastel colours are a new favourite among people. The fairytale appearance suits the aesthetics by providing softer colours. They are also preferred for small and low-lit rooms due to the facilitation of increased brightness and relaxing colours. 

2. Metallic combination

The wooden laminates covering the kitchen and various plants for decoration bring a completely natural look. Adding metallic elements adds to the beauty. The property of pest and microbial protection increases longevity preserving the beauty for numerous years. The evergreen look remains to trend irrespective of the era. 

3. Glossy décor

CenturyLaminates brings variety to satisfy any taste. The glossy look is available in any type you want, solid colour, textured, or other options. The mirror-like appearance makes the whole kitchen shine and reflect, which can glow more by adding ceiling lamps or direct overhead lighting. 

4. Contrast colours

Contrast has been an age-old fashion loved by many. These can be applied in the kitchen as well. The kitchen will bloom by pairing the modern and minimalist concept with overhead lighting and vibrant colours. White and brown, black and white, grey and black, choose among any combo or make your own. 


Numerous reasons and benefits make the laminates a currently trending option among homeowners. Protecting from pathogens, long warranty and colour fastness, there are multiple reasons to choose it to add to the kitchen's elegance, style and beauty. CenturyLaminates, the premier manufacturer and supplier, brings a variety of kitchen laminates specially tailored according to the choice of customers. 

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