What Sets Century PVC Starke Apart? - CenturyPly
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What Sets Century PVC Starke Apart?

What Sets Century PVC Starke Apart? - CenturyPly

A new era of responsible building was ushered in with the advent of Century PVC Starke-- the golden standard of eco-friendly building material. Whether you’re a contractor,  a business owner or a homeowner, there are a number of reasons why you should consider green building materials like PVC for your construction projects-- they are environment friendly, extremely durable, convenient, low maintenance and toxic-free. 

PVC Starke from CenturyPly is a dynamic building material having greater longevity and a wide variety of applications. Composed of polymer fibre (65%~) , calcium carbonate (25%~), additives and other chemicals, these boards can be fashioned into any design you desire, offering you complete freedom so that your creativity can shine through and reflect in your interiors. Starke was initially manufactured to resolve all the common problems experienced in interior decoration when using natural wood based products. With continuous development and upgradation of the same, it has now become a part of many eco-friendly building projects.

Read on to explore what sets PVC Starke apart from the rest and makes it the perfect material for your next interior project.

Century PVC Starke v/s Regular Boards

1. Waterproof

What Sets Century PVC Starke Apart? - CenturyPly

PVC Starke boards are 100% waterproof and are extremely resistant to the vagaries of changing weather conditions. Regular boards often swell or get deformed due to water absorption over long periods of time. You can therefore, be rest assured and create timeless designs with these boards without worrying about water damage.

2. 100% Borer & Termite Proof: While many regular boards are prone to frequent attacks by borer & termites, you never have to worry about it with PVC Starke. Manufactured to be completely borer & termite proof for a long time, with a 10 year warranty on the same, these boards are apt for interiors that are made to last a lifetime. 

3. No Rotting or Cracking: PVC Starkes is dimensionally stable, strong & immune from decay or cracking. This adds to its durability when used in interior designing.

4. Flame Resistant: Another feather in the cap is Starke’s natural resistance to flames, when compared to other similar building boards. Flame resistance is a useful quality in a building material, especially when used in fire-prone areas such as the kitchen.

5. Calibrated: Unlike other materials that need to undergo several stages of surface treatment onsite, Century PVC Starke can be used as readymade material for furniture carcasses. 

6. Non-toxic: If you want to create a formaldehyde-free, non-toxic environment, PVC Starke is your choice of material! These boards are engineered to be perfectly safe for touching & using, preventing any harmful chemical leaks that may cause fatal health problems.

7. CNC-machine Friendly:

What Sets Century PVC Starke Apart? - CenturyPly

CNC cut designs and digital printing can be done very easily on Starke boards which offer you a wide range of design possibilities to upgrade any room.

Century PVC Starke is a new-age product that is environment-friendly and highly functional, giving you the perfect balance of premium interiors and a healthy environment. You can use these boards to create flawless bathroom vanities, modular kitchens, home or office furniture, false ceilings, panes & partitions and more! Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable design structures at home or office.

Explore more about Century PVC Starke here:  https://www.centuryply.com/NAP/Starke/

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