Steer clear of termites because your home deserves better
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Steer clear of termites because your home deserves better

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Perplexing case of termite Infestation

Common signs of termites in your home

      ◆ Check the wood texture

      ◆ Check for powdery droppings

      ◆ Check for brown coloured tunnels

Sainik Plywood helps you in combating with termites

      ◆ Glue Line Plywood (GLP)

      ◆ Years of Warranty

      ◆ Additional Benefits of Sainik Plywood

Outsmart termites with quality products



The damage of termites is not evidently visible to the eye unless it has already spread enough. This article brings you all the information you need on termite infestation, common signs of termites and how to combat termites with full proof measures.

CenturyPly offers a range of plywoods, doors, laminates and veneers that are borer and termite resistant. You will get a quick rundown on the benefits of these quality products. So let’s get started.

Perplexing case of Termite Infestation

It has been recorded that a village in Almora, Uttarakhand has been infested with termites for over a few decades. This is one of the most severe cases of termite infestation in India. Many procedures have been undertaken to control the situation but the spread of termite colonies is way too deep.

In 2017, a TOI report covered this issue and the damage was apparent. It was not just limited to the furniture but the roofs of the homes were also sagging. Although the recent measures are slowly reducing the termite damage, people still refrain from buying wooden products. Similarly, Florida is another city with a high termite infestation rate.

These are some of the severe cases of termite spreading. It is critical to control the spread when you notice. However, many people are not aware of the types of termites or the signs of termite infestation. Read further to know if the termites have an eye on that pretty furniture at your home.

Common signs of termites in your home

If you are someone with little or no knowledge of termite infestation and the types, worry no more. The following are some of the most common signs of termites in your home or furniture:

1. Check the wood texture-

This is a simple way to detect any signs of termite infestation. Closely notice the texture of the wooden surface and see if you notice:

● Dry wood

● Fuzzy wood

● Chippy wood

● Hollow wood

The dry or fuzzy texture of the wood is not necessarily a sign of termites but it surely attracts termites. On the other hand, chippy wood and hollow wood is a definite sign of termite infestation.

2. Check for powdery droppings-

These droppings are actually called frass or termite feces. Bummer! In order to infest a wood surface, termites burrow through it by making small tunnels. As they travel deeper, the frass starts falling from their nests. This is the reason why you may sometimes notice holes near the areas where you've spotted droppings.

3. Check for brown coloured tunnels-

These types of termites have soft bodies so they form a mud tube in order to travel through your home. These tubes are about 2.5 cm wide brown colour tubes that look like mud.

Sainik Plywood helps you in combating with termites

Do not wait for all the signs of termites to be evident. This is where CenturyPly chimes in because you can combat termite infestation with quality wood. Here are some facts about Sainik Plywood’s borer and termite proof plywood:

1. Glue Line Plywood (GLP)-

The manufacturing of the GLP plywood such as Sainik Plywood from the house of CenturyPly, is done with a huge deal of precision. With the help of synthetic adhesive, every layer of plywood is hot pressed in machines. The plywood is then baked at high temperature until everything is secured. Furthermore, a treatment of chemical coating is added over the plywood which not only resists termite from affecting the ply, but it instantly ruptures their cell walls.

2. Years of Warranty-

CenturyPly products come with a warranty for termite protection. Check out the following table to know more about the different plywood products:

Product Category

Years of Warranty
ClubPrime25 Years
Bond71015 Years
SAINIK7108 Years
SainikMR5 Years
WinMR5 Years

3. Additional Benefits of Sainik Plywood-

There are more advantages of the CenturyPly products apart from termite protection. Some of the benefits are:

●  Firewall Technology

●  ViroKill Protection

●  CenturyPromise Authentication

Outsmart termites with quality products

While methods like keeping furniture in the sun for a few days serve as a temporary solution, it is not the best way to safeguard your furniture. Take  quality measures to keep that beautiful furniture just the way it is. If you are thinking about investing in quality plywood then go to CenturyPly Eshop and get it delivered to your doorstep!

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