Be antiviral this viral season
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Be antiviral this viral season

However, a month of happy monsoon, the season comes with its own demerits. The refreshing pour also brings along the various diseases and flus that can impact the health of the whole family, especially the children and the elderly. Adding to this, there is this pandemic which has constrained us to the four walls of our house. Both of these reasons make it necessary for us to take care of our home environment.

But how do we make our environment antiviral despite this season when viruses are all around us?

For a fullproof solution, CenturyPly recommended the ViroKill technology. This technology is a well-thought innovation by CenturyPly that solves the problem of how to keep your immediate environment virus-free.

How does ViroKill work?

When the germs in the air settle and come in contact with the surface of the furniture made up of antiviral properties, the technology ruptures the cell membrane of the microbe. Depending upon its cell mechanism, the microbe renders inactive within 24 hours. This basically kills the germ and makes them ineffective to human health.

How long does this ViroKill technology take to be effective?

One of the many advantages of the ViroKill technology is that as long as the furniture stays, this antiviral layering stays. It has a lifelong timeline and only depletes when there is a chemical or physical damage made to the furniture itself.

Not only this, the ViroKill technology by CenturyPly is also thermostable. This means, that it is not affected by any of the climatic adversity, be it intense UV radiations from the sunlight or the moisture content that impacts the furniture usually because of humid conditions. 

How is it different from other antiviral plywood?

Unlike other brands, the ViroKill technology by CenturyPly is an embedding technology. Instead of merely dipping the plywood in an antiviral chemical solution, each of the CenturyPly plywood is subjected to nanotechnology, where the antiviral nanoparticles are embedded in the polymer matrix of the surface of the plywood.

Since it is a nanotechnology, it does not have any chemical treatment on its surface. Thus, it is safe for your kids and pets to be around furniture that is made from the antiviral plywood.

Does this technology solve the issue of viruses only?

The ViroKill technology is a self-doctoring treatment that gives a quadruple benefit to make the plywood not only antiviral, but antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial too. All-in-all, Virokill is a comprehensive solution to safeguard your family from flu and diseases. It gives 99.99% protection from the germs. 

The antiviral plywood does not change its properties on polishing or painting. Thus, you can treat it in any way that suits your home decor. There are literally no restrictions to that. 

Read more about the CenturyPly innovated ViroKill Technology at:

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