Upgrade your Home Study with Laminates
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Upgrade your Home Study with Laminates

As work from home has become an essential part of our lives, staying productive has been quite a challenge. We need a space that caters to our creativity and puts us in a better frame of mind.

A distraction-free, quiet room, comfortable space is essential with modern, minimal decor accompanied by a desk that enhances all the requirements. It's time to make your space about catering to more of your needs, and at the same time, making a statement.

Here's how you get stunning laminates for your home study and other furniture fit in together to make your space more you.

1. Feels like Silk

The Silk Tuff feels like a feathery touch but is durable at the same time. The laminate with a European matte finish makes the surroundings give a touch of sophistication and grace. It comes with zero- maintenance which would make your creativity and productivity flow as smooth as silk.

2. Stick with me

Century Magnetic laminates are decorative laminates as well as essential to your workspace. Made with a specially designed resin, it is purposeful, essential, and easy to work with. Use the Magnetic laminate to create your very own notice board cum writing board to make work more fun!

3. Write here

The Century Whiteboard laminate can be the new addition to your workspace! The non-porous glossy white surface would make scheduling and ticking off tasks easier. A better and environment-friendly way to organize your day, accompanied with special marker pens. An interesting and essential addition to your space!

4. Create a Statement

CenturyLaminates are available in a wide range of contemporary designs and are ideal for front desks, and interior decor for your workspace. Who doesn't love your own home office and a study space to have a beautiful desk with smooth laminates. Choose laminates to make your space & create a modern statement and fuel your work productivity. Take a look at our catalog now!

5. A little color never hurts

Make your desk and wall a power duo that captures the attention as soon as someone walks in. You can choose from a range of colors from Lucida, scuff-resistant high-gloss laminates that are sturdy, stylish, and bring a mirror-like finish to space.

Choose laminates that work subtly with your decor and look appealing to the eye. Our interior designers’ beautiful color combinations are purple and white, teal and white, black and white, brown and beige, etc. Take a look at the Lookbook here to choose your favorites. https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/lookbookview.php

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