Know The Secret To Durable Furniture
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Know The Secret To Durable Furniture

Furniture isn’t something that we add to our house as often as we add apparel to our closets. Once you’ve added a wooden marvel in your house, you do not want to replace it as it might disturb the aesthetic of your overall decor.

Not only this, buying furniture isn’t as cheap as buying clothes. It burns a hole in your pocket to buy significant furniture like beds and cupboards. Hence, it is basically a long-term investment that you make for your living space and expect it to last at least as long as a decade.

Thus, the mantra is to make sure beforehand that the material used to compose furniture is of good quality in terms of its strength and durability.

But how?

When it comes to durability, we need to tick the boxes for multiple factors that we often forget. Here, we will give you one ultimate solution that is an all-rounder in taking care of all those factors comprehensively.

We are talking about Sainik 710 plywood, a CenturyPly product. This plywood saves you from all sorts of plywood in the market that claim oranges but offer lemons.

Durability on point:

1. Asli Waterproof Ply:

You might find plenty of options that are water-resistant in nature, but only a few justify being cent percent waterproof. Sainik 710 plywood passes all such tests that the plywood has to pass to prove that it is waterproof in nature.

How can you say that?

We performed the Boiling Water Proof Test for 72 hours on Sainik Plywood and regular plywood. While the regular plywood lost its structural integrity just within 1 hour, Sainik 710 prevailed even in the boiling conditions, thus passing the test to be a true BWP graded ply. ​​​​​​​

2. Sainik for the little invaders:

Your home deserves mandatory protection from borer and termite attacks. Once these worms find a way to your furniture, it doesn’t take long for them to turn the castle to ashes. For this, it is necessary that we make the foundation strong enough that it doesn’t face defeat when confronted with borers and termites.

Sainik 710, as the name suggests, stands tall to any pest attack that might endanger your furniture.

How can you say that?  

CenturyPly Sainik 710 incorporates glue-line protection that contains a formulated chemical that fortifies the plywood and protects it from borer and termite attacks.

Therefore, Sainik 710 lasts longer than any regular plywood, giving your furniture a longer age.

3. A promise breaker is a shoe-maker:

CenturyPly has been a trusted brand for decades because of the assured quality it offers. Thus, in case we default on our promises, we offer a warranty period of 8 long years on Sainik 710.

Brownie point:

Will you believe us if we say that you get all this in single plywood and that too at a price that will do no harm to your pocket?

Yes, you can purchase Sainik 710, asli waterproof ply just at Rs.99 per square feet. And by the way, this includes GST.

Hurry up and take benefit of this super deal now at:

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