Renovate your bath space with the Asli Waterproof Plywood
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Renovate your bath space with the Asli Waterproof Plywood

When we think of bath spaces, we have a lucid picture in our minds where we distinguish the bath spaces in our houses from those of any luxurious property or a 5-star hotel. Usually, the bath spaces of our houses are bland with no particular essence to them. It is mostly the basic sanitary fixtures that ought to be there in any bathing space. Whereas when we talk about the fancy resorts and hotels, we see an aspirational hue that makes us go wow!

But can we not have that sort of bathing place for ourselves? Can we not own that ‘aspiring hue’?

Of course, we can. Moreover, we should.

The reasons are simple:

1. Hotel stays do not last long.

2. Soothing baths is an everyday need that releases all the stress that you accumulate with your fast-pace competing life.

3. It definitely breaks the monotony of your routine and you actually look forward to bathing, now that it is not a routine but an escape.

Agreed. So how do we renovate our bathing space?

Since y’all are looking forward to having a bathroom makeover, we are sure that you must have looked for some inspiration online on Pinterest and Instagram or Google, for that matter. Did you find anything common in all the pictures you shortlisted?

All these inspirational bath space designs state one thing that is common in all: the lavish furniture!

Adding furniture in your bath spaces has two very obvious benefits:

1. It accommodates everything from your bubble bath to your essential oils to your towels.

2. It gives your bath space a decor similar to any 5-star hotel you’ve been to recently.

3. The wooden tone is any day better and natural as compared to any makeover done with plastic.

But wouldn’t the water spoil the wooden furniture?

Yes. It does. And to save you from all this trouble, we also have a solution for this: Sainik 710.

How can Sainik 710 solve our problem?

CenturyPly is a trusted brand for centuries and thus, knows what is best for its customer. We, at CenturyPly, analysed and understood that there was a huge disappointment in the market with the so-called waterproof plywood. Not only were these self-claimed waterproof plywood expensive, but they were also at max, water-resistant and not waterproof.

To combat this issue and to safeguard our customers, CenturyPly innovated Sainik 710 which has proved itself to be asli waterproof by passing through the rigorous boiling waterproof test for 72 hours.

Regular plywood, when subjected to the same test, delaminated and lost its structural integrity in just one hour, whereas Sainik 710 maintained its structural integrity for 72 long hours.

But being waterproof does not deflect us to offer you other important benefits that are a must for bath spaces. Sainik 710 is also termite and borer proof. Thus, Sainik, as its name suggests, stands with strength and valour to fight the termite and borer attack, that could otherwise have turned your classy furniture to mere sawdust.

With all such good things too, Sainik 710 comes at a cost price of Rs.102 square feet only. Enquire about the quote at:

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