Trend Forecast: Emerging Laminate Designs and Colour Palettes
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Trend Forecast: Emerging Laminate Designs and Colour Palettes

Laminates have become a timeless trend in modern home design in the last few decades. These paper-and-resin laminates have gained popularity as a way to improve the appearance of houses. They enhance surfaces' overall appeal by adding strength and charm akin to a final coating.

These days, laminates are frequently used on a variety of surfaces, including desktops, lockers, lavatory doors, kitchen cabinets, shutters, and wardrobes. At first, they served as a smooth, glossy surface and protector for the wooden components of furniture. But now they are fashion statements that glow up your home.

Table of Contents:

Laminates -What Are They?

Trends to Try with CenturyLaminates to Upgrade Your House 

Wrapping Up!

Laminates -What Are They?

Laminate is a durable sheet with varying thicknesses of approximately 1 mm and 0.8 mm. It is used to cover wooden furniture or surfaces to give it a more exquisite appearance. These laminate finishes are just a few of the numerous ways you can drape your furniture to give it a sophisticated appearance. Laminates are a visually appealing solution for home design since they can be found in a variety of colours and prints. 

In this article, we look at the popular laminate styles that you can pick from CenturyLaminates to update the appearance of your living areas and help you make the most out of your interior decor. 

Add The Ever-lasting Appeal of Woody Textures

When it comes to interior designing, wooden texture laminate sheet ideas have always been popular. Wooden texture laminates are great for a lot of things, like doors, closets, wall panelling, furniture, and kitchen shutters. In regards to interior decoration, you can easily opt for them, which are among the most cost-effective choices and are also quite easy to maintain. From pine and birch to acacia and cherry, CenturyLaminates brings you a wide range of textures and their combinations to choose from.

Include a Vibrant Pop of Colour Using Diverse Patterns and Hues

A trend toward colours that arouses curiosity and enthusiasm has everyone saying goodbye to traditional colour schemes. Laminates reimagine surfaces with alluring designs that enhance aesthetics, ranging from traditional themes to modern geometric arrangements. They are resistant to common problems like stains, fractures, and warping and are simple to maintain. With Meta Patterns and Pastels options from Acrylo Laminates, you can transform your dull interiors into something unique and vibrant. 

Use Solid Colours To Add An Air Of Sophistication

Homes can have a calming, realistic appearance by integrating solid colour laminates. With qualities including anti-microbial protection, resistance against surface wear, stain resistance, and scratch resistance, they perfectly mix practicality and beauty. Vibrant hues such as red, green, blue, or brilliant yellow can improve the overall appearance of your interior decor and turn them into magnificent pieces of art that centre the space. The solid colours of the laminates are suitable for many uses, including tabletops, wall linings, shelves, countertops, and so on.

Incorporate The Magic of Timeless Metallic Finish

Metallic-finish laminates can give your room a hint of glitz. LucidaLaminates embraces elegance and simplicity to create a setting that exudes metropolitan chic. Homes, apartments, hotels, and retail establishments are just a few of the settings where these laminates work effectively. These laminates are available in an array of finishes, such as silver, brass, gold, and others, as well as varied textures. You can typically apply them vertically to highlight or create an accent surface. 

Bring in The Contemporary Vibe of a Matte Finish

Matte-finish laminates, with their elegant yet subtle appearance, will never go out of style. Any of your surfaces is made more luxurious and elegant by the velvety feel of matte laminates. Since they won't reflect light to make certain sections appear brighter or darker than others, the colour of matte finish cabinets is rich and consistent. Thus, they are the best choice to give a muted look and add dimensions to your interiors. 

Sparkle with Some Shimmer and Glitter

High gloss laminate sheets can be the solution you need to give your home's decor a contemporary, stylish feel. These laminates are well-liked for their polished, streamlined appearance, which makes them ideal for designing an elegant environment. To make a statement piece in your home, think about creating room dividers or accent walls out of high gloss laminates. You can also counterbalance the high gloss surfaces with textured or matte finishes to prevent an unduly pristine or reflective look.

Add Strikingly Diverse Dimensions Using High Contrast Colour Blocking

The use of laminates that combine bold, contrasting colours to create visually captivating dynamic spaces by putting high-contrast colour blocking front and centre. With varied options from Lucida Laminates, you can not only gloss out your interiors but also amp them up by playing around with various colours. For inspiration, here are three different examples of colour combinations:

● Contemporary Mixing: 

Combining complementary colours with low saturation or colours with notable brightness differences is a safer way to combine highly saturated colours. Vibrant colours and muted hues must complement one another. Bright colours need the support and enhancement of muted hues. 

● Monochrome look:

Combining black, white, and grey with one hue to create a monochromatic look is an adaptable aesthetic element. It highlights the coloured blocks and provides contrast without overpowering the design.

● Similar Palette:

Analogous Colours can be similar hues or colours with the same hue but different brightness or saturation. When combined, analogous colours tend to provide harmony. 

Embrace Biophilic Designs

By bringing the beauty of the natural world into your sleeping areas and creating harmonious environments that support well-being, biophilic designs are set to become the newest trend in 2024. For people who appreciate style and environmental responsibility, this is a stylish and ethical option. Your furniture, cabinets, and wall panels will be more visually appealing with tactile contrasts provided by concrete-inspired textures, brushed metals, and leather-like finishes of decorative laminates. Natural patterns bring a peaceful element to your beloved house and create a harmonious link with the outside world.

Wrapping Up!

Laminates provide a chic yet practical way to update the decor in your house. Their longevity, low upkeep, and stylish appearance make them a well-liked option for homeowners to make a contemporary and fashionable living area. Purchase from CenturyPly's wide variety of decorative laminates and give your space a luxurious appearance without going over budget. Everyone who comes to your house is left with a lasting impression by CenturyLaminates.    

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