Veneer Trends: Contemporary Designs and Finishes for Modern Interiors
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Veneer Trends: Contemporary Designs and Finishes for Modern Interiors

Veneers, those thin sheets of natural wood, possess an incomparable beauty and appeal in interior design. They, more than just bringing a touch of nature to your living space, also give you a plethora of textures, tones and grain patterns to experiment with. When talking about veneers, CenturyVeneers is the no.1 choice to produce modern and classy interior design.

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CenturyVeneers Decorative Patterns for Modern Interiors

Top Trends for Inspiration with CenturyVeneers


CenturyVeneers Decorative Patterns for Modern Interiors

CenturyVeneers' textures and patterns have enjoyed popularity with a broad range of consumers for decades. From a highly complicated NatzuraWoods collection to a marvellous Senzurastile, all those options are as diverse as they are beautiful.

1. NatzuraWoods

Originating from diverse corners of the world and crafted from trees, the NatzuraWoods collection is a perfect example of the ultimate sophistication. Our exclusive new German Sander technology ensures the highest level of precision and accuracy as each veneer is added to perfection. The range offers more diverse variations, such as Horizontal, Metallic, Arizona, and Dyed patterns, and with every pattern comes unusual beauty. These veneers are not only visually appealing but also sustainably made from 100% Gurjan elements.

2. SenzuraStyles

Engineered with real wood from a genuine plantation, SenzuraStyles is both adhesive and has risen above in technology. Through the use of advanced dye mould and laser-cutting technology, this collection showcases a range of different colours, patterns, and textures. Whether it is the Teak Series or the masterpiece Dark Series, SenzuraStyles guarantees to take your interior design to the next level with its outstanding design.

3. ProgettoWood

With a poly-fibre wood grain and a Gurjan Matt Base, it uses just wooden finishes, which stand for innovation, and the combination of wood and fine tech decay exults. In addition to a variety of finishes such as Melamine, PU and Polycoat, these veneers are noteworthy for their enhanced strength and eco-friendliness. From the Italian classic execution of Mahogany crotch VB38 to the simple and raw appeal of Rodenzan VB25, the ProgettoWood collection reflects the natural beauty of wood that modern trends embrace.

4. Dark Forest

The subtle warmth of the Dark Forest range evokes the eternal charm of nature, enchanting with its timeless elegance alone. Manufactured from natural veneers and treated with care, these motifs enhance spaces with an aura of mystery. From Straight Line Noir to Crown Noir, the Dark Forest collection offers naturally earthy and neutral shades to achieve a sense of calmness and a classy look.

Top Trends for Inspiration with CenturyVeneers

CenturyVeneers offers some leading fashion choices that can inspire one's style:

1. Mix and Match

The most popular trend associated with CenturyVeneers is mixing and matching various patterns to produce attractive interiors. Through their artistry of tactful composition of contrasting tones and colours, homeowners can achieve a layering, textured, and design richness that creates full character and grace for any space. Whether you pair a dark veneer with a light-stone furniture set or use a contrasting metal effect with woven patterns, the choice is yours with CenturyVeneers.

2. Grain Direction

One of the growing trends in design is giving considerable attention to the grain direction of the veneers. Homeowners can create a homogenous interior look by following CenturyVeneers' grain patterns that are aligned with their interiors' design for a more consistent visual effect, which in turn adds to the value of their interior look. If you chose the Silvern Ak Burl or the Coire Em Burl from the collection of NatzuraWoods, be sure to select veneers with consistent grain direction to have an aesthetically consistent design scheme throughout the whole space.

3. Using Unexpectedly

Homeowners are not limited to traditional veneer applications; they can think outside the box and use veneers in unexpected ways. Whether it is that of a bar or a kitchen, CenturyVeneers can be everything from the front of a room to the background embellishments of the area. The result is a unique space that is bursting with individuality. Through playing with the textures and textures, homeowners can reveal their inner artists and have their spectacular bedrooms and living rooms instead of ordinary decorations.

4. Creating Focal Points

One of the best ways that designers use CenturyVeneers is by making the veneer itself a central part of the design. Therefore, designers are using CenturyVeneers as a way to create focal points in interior design, and these designs are becoming more and more popular. Whether it is the special collection of SenzuraStyles for the feature wall or creating bold patterns and textures to tie finishing elements together, CenturyVeneers can create any space with long-standing fancies. By carefully selecting the veneers for the highlighted areas of the house, homeowners can achieve specific design focal points, thereby adding visual attraction to the whole house design.


CenturyVeneers offers one of the richest ranges of patterns and finishes, which enable people to create timeless masterpieces in their living spaces. No matter the size of your space, you can create complementary and contrasting textures or add style focus to bring life to those spaces. CenturyVeneers is your key source of tools that provide not only beauty but also long-lasting fashion. Pick CenturyVeneers to give your home interior a touch of class and style that is both rich and eco-friendly.

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