This Dussehra, experience the good of Antiviral Plywoods over the evil of virus
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This Dussehra, experience the good of Antiviral Plywoods over the evil of virus

Dussehra is a festival that embraces the power of truth and good over the negativity that is spread by the evil of bad, dishonest and dirty. Because of this, people of our country celebrate Dussehra by cleaning their house and workplace or renovating their places to house more positivity with a clean look and a germ-free environment.

The plus point to it is that Diwali is just 20 days away from Dussehra and this seems to be a pre-bridal for your house on Diwali.

When we look from a festival point of view, we try to keep our homes as clean as possible and as free from diseases and illness and possible, apart from decorating it with celebratory festooning.

So what can you do to make your cleanliness drive wholesome this Dussehra and Diwali?

While many would have opted for cliched answers to this question like that of sanitising or introducing expensive air cleaners to your house, we would like to introduce something more effective and long term - ViroKill.

ViroKill: Good Over Evil

The innovative ViroKill technology is pioneered by the leading brand of CenturyPly and truly revolutionises the idea of safety and cleanliness for all of us. Did you ever think that just like Goddess Durga, ViroKill can give you other sets of hands to help you wipe out the demons of viruses from your house?

Well, it’s true! And all you have to do is just install the furniture embedded with ViroKill technology in your house and forget about spraying the sanitisers again and again. You can let your guests arrive as and when they please with the automatic safety net that is offered by ViroKill technology. 

So, how is it good over evil?

As we all are very much aware of the circumstances that are there because of the prolonged pandemic, we all tend to keep ourselves extra on our toes when it comes to a germ-free environment. But instead of worrying much, we should rather look for a solution that takes away both our stress and the germs. Here comes the entry of ViroKill.

Well, CenturyPly embeds its plywood with this virus killing technology and makes it antiviral. If the furniture of your house is made up of this antiviral plywood, it gains the superpower to not only rid your environment of the germs but kill these unicellular foes.

How does it do that? 

Suppose somebody brought in some boxes from the external environment and kept them on your table that is made up of antiviral plywood. Now it is quite obvious that any foreign material that enters your premises has some or the other polluting element. This germ starts with the furniture it happens to be on. But this journey ends here only as the ViroKill technology ruptures the outer cell membrane of this unicellular organism and kills it within a few hours. Thus, this germ does not reach any of the family members or any other object for that matter, keeping you and your family safe.

All in all, ViroKill is the good that you require to do away with the evil of germs this Dussehra. Click to introduce the warrior to your home today:

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