Add another layer of safety with Firewall
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Add another layer of safety with Firewall

Safety should not be seen as an additional burden but as the top factor on your priority list be it building a new workspace or decorating your home. The first step to fighting a mishap is by being prepared to face it before it happens. Precaution is the first step to avoiding accidents. Preparation to fight an accident or an unfortunate event starts from day 1. Take a step today to add an extra layer of safety in your space.

There are multiple places around the house, workspace, classrooms and commercial spaces where plywood plays an important role. From doors to window panes to tables, chairs and much more, wooden furniture is picked for its durability and convenience. While picking plywood to meet your requirements, go for the right choice by picking Centuryply enriched with technology like Firewall which gives you an additional layer of protection.


Safety precautions aren’t something one can ignore or look past when settling into a home or decorating their office. All things from furniture to electronics require to be safety proofed to make a space inhabitable. Fires can be started by small things like a matchstick or an electrical issue. So if you’re taking the first step to building your dream home today, opt for maximum safety.

The foundation to safety

Plywood is found across houses, office spaces and schools and is in constant use. Wooden articles conduct heat and fire and are prone to be the first articles to get damaged in an accident. To nip this problem from the bud, opt for fireproofing your plywood. 

Firefighting plywood?

Yes, you heard that right.

Today, technology is advancing in every field and humans are achieving feats that seemed impossible a few years ago. With Centuryply’s indigenously developed a technology called Firewall that makes it possible to get fire retardant furniture. Firewall technology is enriched into your plywood and gives much more protection to all your wooden articles.

How does that work?

Firewall is a technology that is nano engineered into your plywood ‘s polymer matrix and it’s not something one can externally build on. Firewall acts as a firefighter by being resistant to fire, delaying the spread, lower smoke emission and more. Surfaces enriched with firewall do not combust easily and do not react with the fire. Additionally, the fire also extinguishes when the source is removed from contact.

Why pick Firewall?

Apart from just being retardant to fire, there are multiple reasons why one would pick Firewall.

-  Plywood that has firewall technology shows extremely low flame penetration rate. This does not support the spread of the fire and cuts down the chance of a fire growing bigger.  

- When wooden surfaces come in contact with fire, it does not de-laminate and keeps the structural integrity of your furniture sound. This means your furniture is not only safe from fire but is also durable enough against it. 

The biggest reason for deaths in a fire accident is the toxic smoke inhaled. With a low smoke emission rate, firewall gives you the best choice in plywood in the market. 

- Firewall buys you time. In the case of a big mishap, the lower flame penetration rate and lower smoke emission gives people enough time to get away from the scene, safely. This is an extremely important factor for everyone to consider. 

Firewall is just another step to ensuring your safety precautions. Make the spaces you inhabit an environment for you to feel secure in. Taking smaller steps can lead to bigger impacts. Pick Centuryply and add an additional layer of protection to your plywood.

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