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The Best Plywood For Kitchen

Plywood for kitchen has become a necessity in every household today. A perfect fit for various applications, plywood for kitchen boards have indeed opened up a new horizon of wood crafts. Be it the construction or the furniture, home owners have been relying heavily on plywood boards. As a result of which, the timber industry has been revitalised to a great extent.

CenturyPly’s plywood for kitchen boards are considered a superior alternative to solid for multiple reasons. Not only do they display better strength and durability, our plywood for kitchen boards are also resistant to termites and borers. Manufactured in compliance with the highest international standards, we offer the best plywood for kitchen boards that are a perfect fit in various applications. We offer the best plywood for kitchen- our BWP grade waterproof plywood is the perfect plywood for kitchen that can withstand water exposure for prolonged hours without showing any signs of damage. From construction to interior décor, CenturyPly’s plywood for kitchen boards have become the first choice of homeowners across the country. 

Despite the popularity, not everyone is aware of plywood in its entirety. Consumers, at times, tend to get confused about which plywood for kitchen to choose for what purpose. Worry not! It is not daunting as it may look. Here’s some help for you to pick the best plywood boards for your kitchen.

The kitchen area is a space that is exposed to a lot of water and moisture on a daily basis. Hence, simply using solid wood for cabinets and other kitchen spaces would not do any good. CenturyPly’s diverse range of plywood is every homeowner’s prime choice because of its high strength and better performance in damp and wet conditions, making it the best plywood for kitchen area.

Here is a list of CenturyPly’s plywood boards that you can use in the kitchen, without worrying about damage or rotting:

1. BWP Grade or Waterproof Plywood

BWP grade plywood stands for Boiling Water Proof plywood, which is known to be completely water resistant. As this board can withstand prolonged exposure to water, BWP plywood becomes an obvious choice when you are looking for a suitable plywood for your kitchen. Similarly, Marine Grade Plywood is also one of the prime plywood choices, which is being used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. This plywood board is popular among consumers for its superior performance in wet and damp conditions.

BWP Grade Plywood

2. MR Grade or Commercial Plywood

MR grade plywood stands for moisture resistant grade. However, this plywood is not waterproof, but uses a waterproof glue which makes it work just fine in wet and damp conditions. Waterproof plywood doesn’t allow the board to delaminate and hence can be used in spaces like the kitchen.
With MR grade, we provide ideal solutions of plywood for kitchen as well using innovating technology like borer and termite proof, warranty close to 5 years and a CenturyPromise guarantee. It comes with optimum strength and durability with superior quality hardwood timber used in the product. 

MR Grade Plywood

3. Firewall Technology Plywood

As the name suggests, it is a fire-resisting non-leachable plywood from the house of CenturyPly that saves you and your belongings in case of fire accident! Since kitchens are a place where fire comes as a necessity. Firewall technology in plywood for kitchen from CenturyPly is the ideal soltution, due to its less flammability, low rate of burning, and delayed flame penetration time, provides ‘safety’ and ‘security’ by delaying the fire to spread. Mainly, firewall technology in Centuryply products is used for both interior and exterior applications, like kitchens, food stalls, hospitals, offices, exhibition stalls, auditoriums, ship interiors, container construction, etc.

With the aim of offering indigenous innovation, the research and development department of CenturyPly uses nano-engineered particles with fire-fighting properties to embed them in the polymer matrix of plywood.

CenturyPly enriched the 19 mm CenturyPly Architect Ply and Club Prime with Firewall Technology. It was found that the Firewall Technology performs excellently under the standard testing conditions. It has performed well, basis the benchmarks specified by the following:

- Indian Standards IS 5509

- American standards ASTM E84

- British standards BS 476

Firewall Plywood

We hope this blog clears the ambiguity around the plywood boards. Send in your enquiries through the form today and we will definitely assist you.

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