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Give some attention to the heart of an Indian Home—The Kitchen. It is about time to refurbish the plywood in your modular kitchen with high-quality laminates. CenturyPly, India's leading manufacturer of plywoods, veneers, and modular kitchen laminates, places considerable emphasis on quality. That is why CenturyLaminates brings you a range of innovative modular kitchen laminates with unique features. The ViroKill Protection coating allows you to have hygienic kitchen surfaces safe from the covid-19 virus, bacterias and fungus. Furthermore, the Firewall Technology infused laminates safeguard your kitchen from any accidental fire incidents in the kitchen since they are fire resistant. These are all some functional advantages of CenturyLaminates but there are more qualities to these laminates!

plywood for kitchen
  • Raw Silk Copper 988 LN

Raw Silk Copper 988 LN

plywood for kitchen cabinets
  • Blood Red 194 LU

Blood Red 194 LU


CenturyLaminates offers a variety of designs that are best suited for wet areas, such as your modular kitchen. From the ceiling to the floor, these modular kitchen laminates will completely transform your space. With such beautiful designs and textures, your kitchen will undoubtedly be the focal point of your home. Add some flavor and zest to your modular kitchen plywood today!


Embellish your modular kitchen plywood like a piece of art by selecting our range of Laminates in Combinations. They will inevitably make your guests adorn your kitchen space like no other. Furthermore, they will help your modular kitchen plywood to look new and fresh for a long duration of time.

plywood for kitchen cabinet
  • Bavarian Ash Neutral 3591
  • Pyrus Earth 3407

Bavarian Ash Neutral 3591

plywood for kitchen countertops
  • Swing Modello 4889 KM

Swing Modello 4889 KM

plywood for kitchen cabinets
  • Graphite Grey 238 SI
  • Off White 108 SI

Graphite Grey 238 SI

plywood for kitchen cabinet doors
  • Dakota Hamoak 4397 LH

Dakota Hamoak 4397 LH

Silk Tuff

Witness the amalgamation of elegance and convenience in your modular kitchen plywood by choosing our range of Silk Tuff Laminates. They will four fold the beauty of your modular kitchen plywood in an instance!

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