10 Different Types of Laminates for Your Kitchen
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10 Different Types of Laminates for Your Kitchen

If you think about renovating your kitchen with a modern design, then laminates are the best options. A laminate is the generally used finishing layer for plywood, MDF, wooden furniture, particleboard and wall panels.

They are available in more colours, designs, and textures than any other decorative plywood product. How many types of laminates are available in the market? Can they be used in kitchen areas? Why is it salient to pick the right type of laminates for the right place? How do laminates give a modern touch to your home?

It would help you to go through this article in search of answers to these questions.

What are laminates?

Laminates are one of the most favoured decorative materials to provide a modern touch to your home. Laminates are used for surfacing furniture, cabinets, ceilings, walls, external facades, etc. Generally, the thickness of laminates goes from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm. They are accessible in the form of sheets. The standard size of these laminate sheets is 8x4 feet. You can use them for both interior areas as well as for external areas in your home. The costs of different type of laminates vary according to their variety, quality, and brand they belong to.

Different types of laminates

According to their uses, many types of laminates are available in the market. Some major types of laminates are

1. Matte-Finish Laminates

These laminates give a matte-finish touch to the surface. They are scratch and dust resistant. These are one of the most preferred laminate finishes for the kitchen and other carpentry works. Many jobs need the work of knives in the kitchen. Due to negligence, some scratches on the counters would sometimes be formed here and there. If you select this type of laminate for the bar counter or platform in your kitchen, it will provide you with a scuff-free look. This type of laminates also imparts a particular sophistication to space in your kitchen. They are highly durable due to their Scuff and dust-free properties.

2. Glossy Laminates

These laminates have a reflective surface and mirror-like looks. These laminates showcase their elegance in their sweet manner. These laminates accentuate the space in your kitchen by focusing on the kitchen cabinets. These laminates provide a highly polished touch to your kitchen. They are available in both lighter as well as in brighter colours. But if you have less time for maintaining the kitchen, do not select these laminates for your kitchen areas. It is due to their high maintenance and cleaning demand. Also, they need more care to handle as Scuff show up on these laminates very easily.

3. Textured Laminates

These laminates provide a lot of natural surfaces like leather, wood, stone, etc. If you cannot decide on the pattern for your kitchen to go on, this type of laminate is the best option. Selecting the wooden-textured laminate will give your kitchen an evergreen texture and create the right contrasts for the fittings, materials, etc., that form the kitchen areas. This type of laminate provides elegance and richness to your kitchen. These laminates are long-lasting and do not show Scuff marks easily. However, you must notice that these laminates can absorb oil and dust and require soapy water to remove these stains.

4. Metallic Laminates

These laminates provide a modern look to your kitchen with metallic finishing. It can work for both modern as well as contemporary homes. You have many metallic laminate options, such as brushed steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, and copper tones. These laminates are very expensive. However, using them wisely impart richness to your kitchen. Please remember that the edges of metallic laminates are very sharp, so take care while working in the kitchen and ensure good craft during their installation. However, these laminates are fire-resistant and are, therefore, highly suitable for kitchen use.

5. Decorative Laminates

These types of laminates are made of resin and high-quality paper. They are manufactured using cutting-edge technology. Hence, they are resistant to scuff and stains. These laminates resonate with a higher aesthetic appeal regarding pattern, texture, and finishing.

These laminates are highly used in kitchen cabinets, countertops, and doors. They are available in a wide variety and can easily be customised. These laminates are highly durable and affordable.

6. High-Pressure Laminates

This type of laminates are generally known as HPL. They are the toughest type of laminates and are the most durable compared to all other ones. These are highly suitable for high-pressure areas.

They offer outstanding resistance against scuff markds, stains, and temperature. They are mostly used for tabletops, kitchen counters, storage units, worktops, doors, cubicles, windows, etc. They provide your kitchen with a stylish and innovative look. They are the most versatile type of laminates.

The biggest drawback of these laminates is that they are unsuitable for extreme environments. They have a low resistance to bacteria, corrosion, and chemicals. Hence, they are less suitable for the kitchen.

7. Countertop Laminates

These laminates are specially designed to provide a look of marble, slate, or granite to your kitchen or bathroom counters. These laminates are affordable and accessible in various colours, textures, and patterns. These types of laminates are easy to install due to their lightweight nature.

However, these laminates have a small life span compared to other laminates and can easily get affected by scratches. So, do not use these counters as chopping boards. Moreover, they are poor in moisture and susceptible to burns.

8. Antibacterial Laminates

These laminates provide a proper hygiene-proof environment in your kitchen. They are manufactured with special additives that can resist microbial growth, such as termites, mould, or various pathogens.

The special antibacterial coating makes them safe and healthy for interior use. These features make these laminates highly demanding among customers. Nowadays, these laminates make their space in hospitals, restaurants, spas, healthcare facilities, and many other places.

9. Concrete Finish Laminates:

Concrete finish laminates mimic the raw and industrial appearance of concrete surfaces. These laminates provide a modern and urban aesthetic, bringing an element of industrial-chic to interior spaces. The design typically features a neutral color palette with subtle variations and textures that replicate the feel of concrete. Concrete finish laminates are popular for contemporary and minimalist design schemes, adding a touch of sophistication and a sense of rugged elegance to surfaces such as countertops, furniture, and accent panels.

10. Marble-Inspired Laminates:

Marble-inspired laminates capture the timeless and luxurious look of natural marble. These laminates showcase intricate veins, swirls, and patterns reminiscent of real marble, providing a sophisticated and classic aesthetic. Marble-inspired laminates come in various color options, allowing for versatility in design. Whether emulating the elegance of Carrara marble or the dramatic veining of Calacatta, these laminates bring a touch of opulence to interiors. They are commonly used in spaces where the goal is to achieve a high-end and refined ambiance, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and furniture surfaces.

How to select laminates for your kitchen?

While selecting laminate for your kitchen, you need to remember some points

● They must be of high quality.

● They can withstand exposure to moisture and heat.

● They are cost-effective.

● They are highly durable.

● They are easy to replace.

Other than these points, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

1. Selection of colour

Picking a colour for your kitchen laminate is vital in redesigning the kitchen. It not only provides an aesthetic taste but even gives an elegant look to your kitchen. Select your laminate colour based on the size of the kitchen, the amount of natural light available, and your taste and cooking style.

2. Selection of durable laminate

High-pressure laminates (HPL) are highly durable laminates and can withstand exposure to heat and moisture. They can sustain easily in the hot and humid atmosphere. So, they are excellent for kitchen purposes.

3. Flame and bacterial resistance

Select the type of laminates that can resist flame and are hygiene-proof. This way, you can make your kitchen environment healthy. They should also be resistant to smoke and heat. Anti-bacterial surfaces resist the growth of microbes and bacteria in your home.

4. Edge banding of laminates

Whichever laminate to select for your kitchen, the cabinets have edge bands that need finishing. These edge bands are the strips of laminates that remain open to your shutters sides. Sealing these edge bands gives protection to the core materials from humidity.

In a nutshell

Laminates provide a visual look to your kitchen. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and available in various colours, patterns, and textures. You can select according to your requirement. They are highly recommended for kitchen cabinets and countertops. They are easy to clean and maintain. With a swipe of a wet cloth, your kitchen counter and cabinets are clean.

Other than aesthetic quality, it would be best if you remembered that your laminate could withstand the hot and humid environment of the kitchen. With the array of choices, laminates make for a nice pocket-friendly material for the kitchen cabinets.

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