CenturyPromise: A Promise of Quality and Lasting Beauty
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CenturyPromise: A Promise of Quality and Lasting Beauty

With plywoods growing in demand daily, many plywoods have cropped up in the market, including duplicate ones. This has made it challenging to find the best quality plywood from the diverse options available. Although all plywoods look the same from the outside, they differ in specifications, authenticity, and quality. So, even if you select plywood after rigorous research and inspection, there always remains a possibility of getting duped by the fraud sellers.

So is there a way to verify the best plywood from the rest and make the right investment? Yes, there is. You can identify a plywood's authenticity by using the CenturyPromise app. This is one of the latest initiatives taken by CenturyPromise to measure the quality standards of a product.

Let's know more about how the CenturyPromise application promises quality and lasting beauty before you decide to download the application.

How to Download the CenturyPromise Application?

Downloading the CenturyPromise application is easy. All you need to do is install the CenturyPromise application on your mobile device from the play store, and you'll be able to scan the authenticity of a product. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Every Century Ply product has a QR code which you can check on your phone to verify if it's genuine or fake.

The app provides intricate details about the product and gives quality assurance to the users. By performing a few easy steps, you can determine the product’s authenticity and alter your buying decision accordingly.

CenturyPromise: A Promise of Good Quality

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on the wrong product and suffer in the long run. Everybody expects to make the right investment while purchasing plywood or any other product to get the most benefit.

With scammers getting skilled every day at looting people's hard-earned money, you can download the CenturyPromise app to prevent such situations while purchasing plywood. Here's how the app can help you determine the best quality plywood.

● ​​​​​​​ See the product details: Every product is unique and has different specifications. After registering using the mobile number and password, you can scan the QR code on the product from the app scanner to view the product details like product name, plant name, size, thickness, and unique code. Besides, you can check the product's status to understand whether it is genuine or not.

● ​​​​​​​ Study the product code history: There's also an option available within the app to check the details of the previous products scanned through the application. The application records the previous scans and keeps them stored for later access.

● ​​​​​​​ Download the e-warranty certificate: After checking these details, you can generate and download the e-warranty certificate to keep as proof of authentication. You can download multiple e-warranty certificates of different products simultaneously and keep them saved for future reference.

CenturyPromise: A Promise of Lasting Beauty

Genuine products tend to last longer than fake ones. So, once you have verified the products on the app and have determined that they are authentic, this means they have all the features that genuine CenturyPly products have, such as superior strength, virus resistance, waterproof, and borer termite-proof. All these features ensure that CenturyPly plywood last longer and delivers beauty for many years. Let's know about these features in detail.

● ​​​​​​​ Superior strength: CenturyPly products are highly durable and are made of premium products that prevent them from getting easily broken. Various wood sheets are stacked together and attached with glue to form Century plywood; hence, they can hold heavy weight without breaking or cracking.

● ​​​​​​​ Waterproof: The BWP grade CenturyPly products are designed in a manner that they are unreactive to water. In other words, they do not shrink or swell in water-prone areas. They are 100% waterproof plywood.

● ​​​​​​​ Virus resistance: The products have Virokill technology that kills the microbes, bacteria, and viruses when they sit on the surface of the plywood. So this way, the products keep the house safe and resist viruses from harming the furniture and environment. Besides, it helps to keep the house hygienic.

● ​​​​​​​ Borer termite-proof: Century plywoods are chemically treated; hence, they are borer and termite-proof. They can resist termite infestation. In other words, these products do not let the insects sit on the furniture.


Identifying plywood and its authenticity has become crucial today to achieve the maximum value of the money. Besides, keeping the house protected and beautiful for many years has become important. Therefore, CenturyPromise has made it easier for the customers to make a quality check themselves before investing their money. If the app displays that the product is not authentic, customers can call the seller and verify the details and the documents.

At no cost is it wise to use a fake product and compromise on the safety and beauty of the household. Therefore, checking the authenticity of the app can help users make better buying decisions.

Learn more about the app by clicking on https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise.

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