Plywood Is The New Decorative Object
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Plywood Is The New Decorative Object

Wooden exteriors give your house an edge, a vintage theme, a cottage inspired look. Several people opt for this theme to stand out in a world of painted walls but here’s the newest trend in town you need to know about - wooden interiors.

Interior design is a crucial part of any personal or office workspace. Your decor reflects your personality and paves way for impressions. Bedecking spaces with flamboyant furniture and house accessories are making their way to furnishing trends. New age homes are witnessing a change in the interior decor. Gone are the days people shied away from wooden interiors. With the evolving technology and newer trends popping up in the design industry, people are opening up to the idea of decorating houses and workspaces in wooden clad furniture, cabinets and closets. Moving towards an upbeat and brighter space is the latest trend, plywood is the new decorative object. If you’re looking for reasons to choose wooden interiors, here’s some things you should consider- 

Duh, they’re trendy!

Staying up to date with the shift in the design choices gives your space a significant look and impresses your guests and visitors without much effort. Many people are jumping on selecting interiors decorated completely in wood- from cabinets to chairs, from mirror frames to table tops. It’s a breath of fresh air to step out of the ordinary and classic design ideas and explore on the other end. 

Plywood is made to meet your wishes.

Plywood isn’t just plies glued together to give your furniture building blocks but are now made to fit different requirements. Be it counter tops or closets or sofas, plywood covers all aspects of furnishing. Producing plywood to your needs is no more a hassle and the options that exist in the market are made with customers in mind. 

They perfectly fit bathroom and kitchen needs too.

No more do plywood fear water, moisture and changing climatic conditions. Plywood is to be weather resistant, waterproof and fit to meet your bathroom and kitchen needs. Plywood is designed to reduce their moisture absorption. Making countertops for your kitchens or cabinets in your bathroom comes at the comfort of plywood.

The combination of comfort and durability.

Plywood is thin layers (plies) of wood glued together to make sturdier wooden blocks that are used in several parts of creating interior decor. This makes it sturdier and facilitates better use. Not only does plywood guarantee durability but can be designed to necessitate your comfort.

They live on.

What’s reliable and lives long while you don’t worry about it decaying? Plywood.

Plywood made with new and upcoming technologies are made to last longer and preserve themselves while you’re busy making memories. They are armed to fight pests and viruses. They are also made to be waterproof and firefighting, eliminating all kinds of threat posed at wooden articles. With most things to worry about being taken care of, why wouldn’t plywood make the perfect furnishing option. 


Pocket friendly.

And how best to conclude your list of “Why choose plywood interiors” with the fact that they go easy on your pockets?

Compared to other materials like glass, marbles and ceramics, plywood not only gives you better prices but is also resilient and does not need extra care around the fragility. Plywood is an affordable option that can be tailored to your demands. 

If you’re still not convinced, Centuryply’s wide range of options in plywood will change your mind. Spreading over different needs and different technologies, we offer a variety of products to choose from. From meeting your design needs with Architect ply to construction appropriate Film Face plywood, we cover all aspects of housing needs in our plywood range. With our plywood soldier, the Sainik plywood we take good care of your pocket too. Know more about the durable, sturdy & reliable plywood from the house of CenturyPly -


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