A laminated center table can be used in multiple ways
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A laminated center table can be used in multiple ways

Make your center tables, the center of attention in your living room. Center tables are sweet sized tables that are tall enough to give your articles a platform and just short enough for you to reach out from the couch.

Center tables are designed to help your living rooms/large spaces have a platform where you can keep items but not take up the light from it. Center tables come in multiple shapes, sizes and heights and can be customized to your needs. Since they do not come with standardized measurements, it is easy to play around with. Laminated center tables act as the perfect addition to your living rooms in multiple ways. Laminations help your table get the style, shine and strength. CenturyLaminates decorative laminates can instantly help enhance the look and usage of your center tables. Here are some ideas to turn up the look of your living room by using your center tables -

Coffee tables

To the tea lovers out there, it is definitely the same to call them tea tables. Center tables can be used to place beverages of any sort with snacks alongside as they are at the perfect height for one to reach from the couch. A laminated table can withstand the hot beverages you’re placing on them and accidental spills are super easy to clean too. For your guests and visitors spending tea time at your place, coffee tables are a perfect way to impress. You can also place a few coffee table books, which are specially designed for one to read/go through while sipping hot beverages.

A Platform For Plants

If you love plants and have made it a point to include them in your home decor, then enhance this by giving them a place on your center tables too. To add a touch of green to your living room, you can place a plant or two on your center table. Picking the right plant also matters. House plants come in different options and when you’re choosing one that goes on a table, it is best to explore plants that don’t require too much attention, too much sun or watering. Some plants you can consider are Jade plants, Air plants, Spider plants, etc. You need to also take into consideration that the pots should be efficient enough to not stain your tables. A laminated table can eliminate all these worries of pots leaving stains behind, bacteria and microorganisms breeding on the surface, etc. If you’re not too keen on maintaining plants, just purchase a fake plant and get the same results.

The Snack Bar

Tired of running to the kitchen to get snacks in between television breaks? Place a snack bowl right in your living room!

Placing snacks or fruits and vegetables in a bowl on your center table looks cute and is a great way to cut down travel time as soon as you reach home and want to sit back on the couch and relax. Using a laminated table is the perfect option since all the cleaning you’re worried about can be finished in a single swipe. Laminates such as lucida also come with Virokill technology that keeps viruses and bacteria away keeping your food safe and healthy.

The Study

For those with preschoolers and kids at home, it’s a hassle to keep a track of them studying while you also run the chores at home. Many parents keep children right in the eyesight in case they need help or need supervision during homeworks or art assignments. Coffee tables act as the perfect study table for your kids and ones with storage spaces or draws can help store their books and papers. To get rid of your worries that your children might scratch on, spill paint on or damage your center tables, a lamination is the right answer. 

If you’re just looking to add a centerpiece to your living room and not give it all the spotlight then your best bet is to place a small vase or a show piece on your center table and let it be. You can also place a few magazines, books or newspapers that could act as a pastime one can pick up. Adding a small clock can also enhance the look of your table. Your minimalistic approach can also work well around a few candles or designer scented ones. Inevitably, your center tables become a stand for your remotes lying around the house.  Regardless of how extravagant your center tables are, it can be a good idea to get one to add a simple sparkle to your living room.

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