Allow Yourself To Have A 5 Star Cupboard Design For Bedroom
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Allow Yourself To Have A 5 Star Cupboard Design For Bedroom

Table of contents:

Plywood—A Revolutionary Material

Role Of Plywood In Interior Design Industry

How Many Types Of Plywood Are There?

Have 5 Star Heavy Duty Plywood Cupboards

Range Of Quality Plywood At CenturyPly

CenturyPly: Innovation And Functionality

In A Nutshell

Plywood—A Revolutionary Material

As the Industrial revolution began, the 1850s and early 90s saw the rise of plywood. Although wood was widely used, the search for stronger materials was still ongoing. Due to rust, iron was unsuitable for construction. Steel was not invented until the 1860s, and even then, it was extremely costly.

This is when engineered wood or plywood first became popular as a strong building material. Ever since then, plywood has been the most important requirement for home construction and other purposes. This material was truly the underdog of the construction industry. That is why, this article will go over the modern uses of plywood as well as the quality features of top plywood brands like CenturyPly. Let us begin!

Role Of Plywood In Interior Design Industry

Plywood is used as an integral part of Interior Design. Its applications range from furniture to house construction and various other purposes. It offers great strength and flexibility, making it a versatile and highly workable home decor material.

The following are some of the most common applications for plywood:

● Wall Partitions

● Household Furniture

● Structural Construction

● Quality Doors

Plywood is used in building construction and woodworking for boats or ships. CenturyPly provides a range of Marine Grade Plywood which is the toughest plywood and it does not get affected by water. However, in interior decor, Plywood is very oftenly used to furnish homes and offices with wardrobes, cupboards, tables, chairs and more. Now, let us discuss the types of plywood to help you understand the material better.

How Many Types Of Plywood Are There?

There are various types of plywood available depending on the type of wood used such as hardwood, softwood, and so on. Other types are also available on the market which include fully water resistant plywood, such as Marine Plywood from CenturyPly.

Quality plywood has high strength and resistance to:

● Cracking

● Splitting

● Shrinkage

● Swelling

● Twisting

Have 5 Star Heavy Duty Plywood Cupboards

You can have quality cupboard designs to store all your bedroom items and blankets! Plywood from CenturyPly is adaptable, affordable and carpenter friendly. The strength depends on the thickness of plywood as well. You can make your pick from a variety of options available at their website. Thickness can range from 3mm to 19 mm.

The price of plywood also varies depending on its type and thickness. However, the cost to upkeep your cupboards will be low to moderate because of the quality of plywood. India's leading plywood manufacturer, CenturyPly offers a wide range of plywood in different thickness, price range and qualities. Let us get into it.

Range Of Quality Plywood At CenturyPly

CenturyPly offers a versatile range of plywood sheets to choose from. They have researched and incorporated technologies such as ViroKill and Firewall to make plywood purchases worth every penny.

Here are some of the best Plywood products available at CenturyPly:

● ArchitectPly

● ClubPrime

● Bond710

● Sainik710

● WinMR

● 710Marine

The ArchitectPly, ClubPrime, Bond710 and Marine710 are infused with ViroKill Technology. This means that these plywoods have self doctoring surface protection that kills any Covid-19 virus, microbes and germs as soon as their cells come in contact with the plywood surface. How great is that!

Moreover, the ClubPrime and ArchitectPly are also infused with Firewall Protection which ensures slow combustion of plywood in case of fire emergency. It allows gradual penetration of fire and also releases non-toxic gasses upon contact with constant fire.

CenturyPly: Innovation And Functionality

CenturyPly keeps up with the times by providing high-quality products and innovative product development. When building cupboards for your bedroom, it only makes sense to invest in high-quality materials. CenturyPly not only provides quality, but also provides years of warranty on its products. Different plywood ranges at CenturyPly offer warranty of 5 years, 15 years, 25 years and even lifetime warranty with ArchitectPly. CenturyPly makes it possible for you to invest in only the best and most durable wardrobes for your home.

In A Nutshell

The interior design industry and our lifestyles are hugely impacted by the material plywood. These long term materials offer functional benefits to our homes and daily lives. Thus, it is best to invest in quality plywood only. CenturyPly has made a mark in the industry with its quality material and unique plywood features. If you are looking for quality plywood for your cupboard design, then have a scroll through the CenturyPly EShop now and compare the best products :

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