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Plying the innovation game

If our brand promise of ‘Raho Befikar’ is the core philosphy, then innovation is the driving force that pushes us forward. We’re constantly coming up with ways to create better products and craft better experiences at CenturyPly. So, when we saw counterfeit plywood invading the market, we just had to do something about it. Spurred on by an alarming concern for our brand and stakeholders, we had to come up with a solution that addressed both those issues. And by combining digital innovation and human insight, we found a way to ensure our customers truly ‘Rahe Befikar’.

A Promise well kept

The CenturyPromise app is the newest chapter in CenturPly’s long history of innovation and the first app made solely for authentication. Through the app, customers can simply scan the QR code on any CenturyPly product to validate its originality. If the product is not a CenturyPly original plywood, then it won’t show up on the database and the user is notified instantaneously. And if it’s real plywood, the app displays the manufacturing address, contact details, plywood certificate and other important details. What better way to safeguard our customers while also earning their trust and goodwill.

Changing the game one ply at a time

Before CenturyPromise, there was virtually no way to verify your plywood purchase. You would have go through some very rigorous testing to check the quality of plywood. Given the amount of counterfeits in the market, even if you knew how to check the quality of plywood, you would invariably end up using fake plywood.

 CenturyPromise is here to change all that. When developing the app and seeing the growing number of people falling prey to counterfeits, we asked two questions. How can people check for original CenturyPly products? And how can we make it quick, effective and reliable? The answer was simple, as most great innovations are, an app that would let you verify authentic CenturyPly products reliably and at your convenience.

More than just Ply  

CenturyPromise is more than just your garden variety, use-and-throw app. It represents CenturyPly’s commitment to transparency and delivering quality plywood. It’s a product of keen industry insights and expertise that is revolutionizing the battle against counterfeit plywood.

Apart from authenticating CenturyPly’s real plywood, the app offers regular updates on offers and special discounts. To build more trust and accountability, CenturyPromise even encourages users to download an online CenturyPly warranty. With different authentication levels, a slick and easy to use interface, CenturyPromise can be used by practically anyone, from anywhere.

 As we grow, so do our expertise and resolve to help people. And like any true innovation, CenturyPromise is an ever evolving process. We’re constantly trying to figure out ways to optimize and improve the customer experience. But we can’t do it alone, we need all hands on deck to fight the counterfeiters of the world.

CenturyPromise is available on the Apple Store and Play Store, and is completely free to download. Sign-up as a Promise member today and stay protected from low-quality, fake plywood, for good.

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