In the world of duplicates, find the original plywood
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In the world of duplicates, find the original plywood

We are facing a crisis of counterfeit plywood in the market. With multiple con-men selling duplicate plywood under the fake brand stamps ( all Branded product ) is facing an image tarnishing. Due to this reason, we have been quite active and only company  in detecting such duplicity cases and conducting raids every now and then to safeguard our consumers.

 However, with the market flooding with such degraded plywood under premium brands like ours, it is hard to catch them all red-handed. Due to this reason, we decided to empower our most valuable stakeholders to identify the counterfeit plywood and make an authentic Centuryply choice.

What do you propose to do?

Being the leading brand in plywood, CenturyPly takes the onus to safeguard our consumers from the fake plywood so that they can be ensured of durability for their furniture.

For this, CenturyPly has recently launched its CenturyPromise Application that can assure you of authentic plywood for the sake of the longevity of your furniture.

Unlike most of the applications that are rendered useless after a point of time, CenturyPromise gives the customers an edge over others to detect if the given plywood is fake or an original CenturyPly product. 

How does this app work?

We have deliberately made this app user friendly so that literally everybody, from a carpenter to an architect, can use it without facing any complexity.

When you buy plywood, especially in bulk, it is more prone to have a mix up of fake products among the original ones. Thus, in order to be assured of strengthened furniture, you can use the QR code scanner that is being given in your CenturyPromise app and scan the QR code that is given on each of the plywood.

The scan will not only tell you if the given plywood is CenturyPly or not but will also show you the manufacturing address, where it was manufactured and other relevant information. 

If you scan the code if it is original it will display “CenturyPly original product” else it will display not a CenturyPly genuine product

Not only this, but CenturyPromise also offers you to download the e-warranty of any CenturyPly product wherever you are, whenever you want. Thus, this makes after-sale warranty a much more convenient business for the End customers , dealers and contractors.

So, download the CenturyPromise App right now on your android or ios and stand against the unethical practices that are leading to a loss of trust among the customers for a trusted brand like CenturyPly itself. 

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