Multiple Applications of Sainik 710 Plywood
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Multiple Applications of Sainik 710 Plywood

If there ever was a plywood brand that could fulfill all your plywood needs, it is Sainik 710 by CenturyPly! Regarded as “Asli Waterproof Ply”, Sainik 710 is a premium economy waterproof plywood. Made with carefully selected raw materials available, each Sainik 710 plywood sheet is made up of more number of plies for more strength and are moreover glued together in a cross bonded structure imparting increased durability to the plywood sheet.

Because of its incredible versatility, Sainik 710 plywood can be used for many different applications around the house. Read the blog to explore the multiple applications of Sainik 710 plywood.

 1. A noteworthy kitchen space

Sainik 710 is a strong and heavy load-bearing waterproof plywood, which makes it apt for use in the kitchen area. Whether you want a sturdy work-counter, easy-to-use kitchen cabinets or convenient drawers, you can use Sainik 710 without worrying about any damage. The plywood also comes with an 8 year warranty against Borer & termite attacks, which ensure that your kitchen furniture will always stay free from pests!

 2. A relaxing restroom

Your private space is one of the most essential in the house and is bound to come in contact with water on a daily basis. This means that it is prudent to use a premium quality BWP grade plywood like Sainik 710 for your bathroom cabinet. Its high dimension stability, high resistance to water and climatic conditions make it a great choice for the bathroom cabinets.

3. A striking living room

Create a beautifully strong living room with furniture that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also super strong and durable. By using Sainik 710 plywood for your living room furniture like sofa, coffee table, TV table and more, you will be able to ensure that your furniture stays brand new for a long time to come.

4. Statement Furniture

If there is one piece of furniture that you absolutely love or want to make it your family heirloom, choose Sainik 710 plywood for all its benefits! Add a touch of CenturyLaminates and you’ll get yourself a beautiful piece of furniture that is bound to become the focal point of any room.


5. Side table

Create an ever-so-helpful side table with the affordable waterproof plywood--Sainik 710! A side table is your reliable friend when it comes to keeping your valuables or can act as a showpiece that you can decorate with all the latest accessories.

Whether you want to build a new sofa set, a strong bed frame, a reliable dining table, a waterproof bathroom cabinet or just a simple desk for your work, Sainik 710 is perfect for every corner of your home. Check out more about Sainik here:

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