Easy Ways to Incorporate Antiviral Laminates in Office
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Easy Ways to Incorporate Antiviral Laminates in Office

Easy Ways to Incorporate Antiviral Laminates in Office

Did you know that the interior decor of your office directly affects your productivity at work? Research suggests that the more vibrant, comfortable and welcoming an office looks, the happier the employees will be, the more work will be done.

If this has intrigued and encouraged you to pay more attention to your office decor decisions, read on as we explore antiviral High pressure Laminates and how you can incorporate them seamlessly into your office decor. 

The ever-so-dependable High Pressure Laminates make for one of the best and most preferred ways to decorate your work environment and transform it into absolute #officegoals. CenturyLaminates is the leading manufacturer and seller of decorative antiviral laminates. These laminates have become the top choice of professionals who want to create sanitary office spaces without compromising on style and elegance. Explore the unimaginable design possibilities with CenturyLaminates below:

1. Anti-Fingerprint Laminates: An office is a high-traffic area where all the surfaces are in constant contact with numerous people, increasing the chances of contamination. Antiviral anti-fingerprint laminates prevent staining, retaining your fingerprints and also effectively disarm more than 99% viruses, fungus and bacteria.

Easy Ways to Incorporate Antiviral Laminates in Office

2. Magnetic Laminates: Another antiviral variety, these laminates are extremely handy in an office. Simply put up important updates, notices, work-notes or decorate your cubicle with pictures, letters, etc. effortlessly with the help of the magnetic properties.

3. White Marker Board: Did you know that the white marker board that you are so fond of writing your important work-related information on is a type of laminate? CenturyLaminates manufacturers antiviral white marker board laminates that are completely safe to touch and use. So, let your creative juices flow as you scribble to your heart’s content, without the worry of germs.

4. Silk Tuff Laminates: Get sophisticated marbled designs for your office conference room or cubicles and see your employees go ‘wow’. SilkTuff laminates and their European Matt Finish can elevate any office furniture and their low maintenance needs, high resistance to scratches and staining makes them an ideal choice for your workspace.

Easy Ways to Incorporate Antiviral Laminates in Office

5. Lucida Laminates: Shiny, dazzling and oh-so-gorgeous! High-gloss Lucida Laminates are perfect for you if you are planning for a vibrant, bold and out-of-the-box office design. They are super glossy, mar resistant, scuff resistant and last a long time, which makes it ideal for an office, reducing the need for constant repairs.

Give your office a make-over it deserves with the style and protection of CenturyLaminates. Check out their entire range here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/

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