Modern Living Room Design Trends With Veneers
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Modern Living Room Design Trends With Veneers

In our home, the living room is considered to be the most versatile space of the house. That place, which is the face of your abode and where you spend most of your day time in. For some, it might be a formal place to entertain guests and for others, it is a casual space. As the living room serves numerous purposes, maintaining its decor can be a little challenging.

From organising the furniture to placing the accessories, to complementing the look—there is a lot that can be done with the living room. And not to mention the walls that can be adorned in a number of ways. To amplify home interiors, CenturyPly offers its customers with an exceptional range of aesthetically designed veneers. Crafted from wood, these veneers add magnificence to a space and bring you a step closer to nature. A perfect choice to spruce up your interiors, take a look at how Century Veneers can help elevate the look-and-feel of your living room.

Create a tranquil environment
Transform your living room into a pleasant place with our most preferred wood veneer from the lot – Horizontal Veneer. Created by joining veneer flitches, this veneer features a spate of graceful and free-flowing linear pattern. While depicting the width and not the height, Horizontal Veneer is aesthetically designed to bestow your space with a certain dimension and character.

Make a luxurious statement
Mesmerise everyone with the enchanting Mystique Veneers to create an alluring aura within your home. Naturally crafted from wood, their deep and earthy patterns will create a modish yet cosy environment for your guests.

Go Bold
Take a break from the mundane and modify your home decor with Bold Veneers. While beautifying your home with their vibrancy, these veneers transform the usual and boring appearance of your room. The ‘Purple haze’ in our Bold range, when used in décor, catches everyone’s eyes and adds a royal purple hue to your space.

We only believe in rendering products that are a perfect result of brilliance and innovation. If you are also keen to revamp your personal space, don’t wait to visit our website while searching for the perfect veneer match for your living room.

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