Best Way to Assure Your Plywood Quality With CenturyPromise App
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Best Way to Assure Your Plywood Quality With CenturyPromise App

Is the plywood fake or genuine? This is a major concern that many people face while buying plywood for their needs. With many scammers in the market, it can be challenging to differentiate between fake and genuine products during the purchase. Apart from that, the counterfeit products look the same and claim to be manufactured by reputed brands. Whether you wish to purchase plywood for industrial, home, or commercial purposes, knowing the authenticity is important to avoid making a wrong investment.

While you might think it is impossible to know which are fake and genuine products, it is possible with the CenturyPromise application. This is the company's new release that provides users with the opportunity to determine the actual product using simple steps. So, the next time you purchase Century plywood, you can get its authenticity checked through the application before you start using it.

Let's reflect on the benefits before knowing the best way to assure plywood quality with the CenturyPromise app. 

Benefits of Using CenturyPromise Application

The five advantages of using the CenturyPromise application are as follows:

●       Availability of E-warranty Certificate: You can generate and download the e-warranty certificate from the application and save it for later use.

●       Compatible with Tablet and Smartphone: The application is strategically customised; hence, you can open it on a tablet and smartphone.

●       Zero Charges: You don't need to pay extra to download or run the application.

●       Duplicate Proof: This application does not have any copied versions online.

●       Availability on Play Store and iOS: You can find this application on the play store and iOS. Hence, Android and iOS users can download this application and use it for quality checks.

How To Assure Plywood Quality With CenturyPromise Application?

While plywood can be checked manually by analysing the thickness of the Ply, standards compliance mark for industrial products (ISI) mark, outside appearance, touch test, warranty and other factors, the best way to do it is by using the CenturyPromise app. Digital analysis is far better than manual calculation as it has less tendency to provide wrong information than manual calculation. Everyone can use this application, from retailers to dealers, to assure the plywood's quality before use. Here's how one can use the application:

  1. You have to type the CenturyPromise in the app store or google play and click on 'install' to download the application on your device.
  2. Next, you need to click on the application to make it run.
  3. Then, you need to register and make an account by putting in details like your name, email address, and phone number.
  4. Once the registration is complete, you must sign in to your account.
  5. On the next page, you'll see two options for scanning or uploading QR. If you wish to type the QR code, you can choose the second option. However, you can select the first one if you want the application to scan the QR.
  6. For the first option, you'll need to position the camera in a way so that the QR code fits the viewfinder rectangle. It will automatically start processing after the application captures the code. For the second option, you must manually enter the code and press 'Enter'. In both cases, wait for the application to process the code for a few seconds.
  7. AnchorOnce done, you will find the product name, thickness, size, plant name, and unique code.
  8. On the top of the page, you will see the application displaying 'CenturyPly genuine product' if it is manufactured from the correct sources. If it is a fake product, you will see 'Not genuine' written in the same place.
  9. Below the product description, you'll find an option to generate an e-warranty card.
  10. You can download the e-warranty card and keep it saved on your mobile device.
  11. Feedback options, offers and promotions are also available in the application. You can comment on the app, share your experience while using it and avail of the offers if you wish.


Following the eleven steps mentioned above, you can ensure good-quality plywood within seconds by using the CenturyPromise app. It is advisable not to go by the brand name. Also, do not conclude that if the products are expensive, they'll be genuine. Many of us think it is real if a product is costly. However, this fact is not true.

Many scammers are using the brand name, producing cheap products and selling them to customers at high rates. To determine the plywood's authenticity, download this app for free, and check the quality of the plywood for yourself before going in for the purchase. This is not only one of the best ways to assure plywood quality but also the easiest and fastest way to do an effective quality check.

Click on to get more clarity on the application and make an informed decision after understanding the app usage and benefits in detail.

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