Create a wall between incidents and accidents with Firewall
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Create a wall between incidents and accidents with Firewall

While all of us try our level best in life to do the right thing and be conscious of everything in life, mishaps and unforeseen events are something we as humans can’t control. This information, albeit upsetting, encourages us to take calculative measures and precautions to reduce the effects of such events.

One such event is that of a fire outbreak, with innovations and breakthroughs these instances have thankfully reduced over the years however that doesn’t mean that we are completely in the clear. Accidents can happen at any time that can cause irreversible damage to both man and material, hence fire safety is something that all of us must pay keen attention to.

When it comes to furniture, plywood has been the top choice due to its durability and unmatched features. However, plywood since it’s carved from wood can often worsen the situation in case of fire. This doesn’t mean that we need to part ways with such an incredible material, thanks to innovation in technology we now have fire-retardant plywood which can prevent a fire outbreak from taking place.

CenturyPly, one of the leading names in plywood in the nation has come up with the incredible ‘Firewall Technology’ which is available in a select range of plywood. 

Firewall Technology- a wall between you and the fine

The Firewall technology by CenturyPly is a nano-engineered technology where these nanoparticles are embedded in the plywood itself to give it fire-retardant properties. These fire-retardant plywood not only prevent the fire from spreading but also extinguish the fire once the source of the fire is removed.

Some noteworthy characteristics of the firewall technology are as follows:

1. Protects you from suffocation -

The toxic smoke produced in case of a fire can lead to suffocation and even death. However, plywood enriched with the firewall technology has a smoke development index as per standard so the smoke produced is much less as compared to ordinary plywood, thereby giving you enough time to leave the premises.

2. Takes much longer to burn -

Plywood with fire technology when tested had a flame penetration rate that was observed to be greater than 2.5  times the thickness of ply in minutes. Therefore, giving you enough time to safely exit the area and call the fire brigade.

3. Prevents fire from spreading -

Fire-retardant plywood from CenturyPly delays the spread of fire and does not act as a medium for the fire to spread rapidly. It takes more than 30 minutes for 19 mm thick ply before the fire reaches the surface, and once the source of the fire is removed this plywood also aids in extinguishing the fire. 

This innovative technology has also been tested for critical parameters like flammability, spreadability, penetration, and smoke-developed index, whereby plywoods enriched with Firewall technology perform far superior under standard test conditions to the benchmarks specified by Indian Standards IS 5509, American standards ASTM E84 as well as British standards BS 476.

This technology has been a boon for us all for ensuring our safety in case of the unfortunate event of a fire. Protect yourself and your loved ones by investing in this fire-fighting plywood.

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