Make a style statement with these kitchen interior design ideas
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Make a style statement with these kitchen interior design ideas

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Create your own style with versatility

Impress with exquisite style

Rundown of the quality features

Decorative CenturyLaminates - not just for kitchen



Decorative Laminates in the kitchen, why not? It is not only important to keep the kitchen hygienic but it is also important to keep it pretty and aesthetic! And interestingly, adding some flavor in the kitchen with Decorative Laminates is quite easy with CenturyLaminates.

If you are someone who loves to cook, then this article is for you. Find ways to incorporate the beauty of decorative laminates into your kitchen. Let’s start!

Create your own style with versatility

Product range of Decorative CenturyLaminates includes a wide range of options to choose from. It is the best thing about these laminates. No matter the design of your home, you will definitely find a laminate to suit your kitchen style. Here are the different product categories at CenturyLaminates:

● Lucida

● Silk Tuff

● Anti Fingerprint

● Specialty Laminates

● Starline

● Monocore

Impress with exquisite style

Take some inspiration from the following kitchen interior design ideas to transform your space!

● Glossy Countertops-

These Laminates are infused with the ViroKill Technology which ensures no bacteria stay on your countertops and the kitchen cabinets! Moreover the heat resistance is a bonus point for the kitchen atmosphere.

● Quirky Oven Area-

Usually, the oven area in the modular kitchens is located in the corner or the center of the kitchen. This makes the space look less creative. Oven is obviously a space consuming area, so you can use laminates on the wall space to give it a classy background.

● The Kitchen Window-

Are you one of those people who use cute potted plants over the kitchen window? Even a pot for fresh dhania and mint? So this time, make the window pop up with decorative laminates that match your plants and pots.

Rundown of the quality features

Ready for making your dream kitchen a reality? To make an informed decision, go through the features of the Decorative CenturyLaminates given below:

● 7 Year Warranty-

Quality without warranty doesn't seem to work. That is why CenturyLaminates give you a 7 year warranty assurance so that you can stay worry free about the quality of your laminates. They are exceptionally reliable.

● Color Fastness-

One of the prime features of laminates is to bring aesthetics to an interior. Thus, color fastness is a really important factor. CenturyLaminates provides color fastness via an overlying tissue layer on the surface. They give you 7 years of warranty on all decorative laminates. This is to assure you shiny interiors for years to come.

● Boiling Water Resistance-

These laminates are highly resistant to water and humidity. They do not expand or warp in a heated atmosphere, making them the best laminates for a country like India. CenturyLaminates manufactures its laminates with great attention to detail, ensuring that each customer obtains the most beautiful laminates in India for their dream interior.

● Uniform Thickness-

The thickness of Decorative Laminates is meticulously regulated during the manufacturing process. Since laminates are supposed to be a thin layer but also durable, it is very important to have a uniform thickness. The CenturyLaminates Lookbook range of Decorative Laminates provides 1mm laminates whereas the starline range provides 0.8mm laminates.

● Smooth Finishing-

The edges and the surface of these laminates are super smooth and refined. The proper back sanding really helps with the quality of the product. Afterall, that is how the laminate gives your space a super smooth look.

● Antiviral Coating-

CenturyLaminates are infused with the revolutionary ViroKill Technology that protects your interiors and surfaces. It is an antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial coating that keeps germ off the bay.

Decorative CenturyLaminates - not just for kitchen

Here are some of the areas that can take a 180 degree change in the appearance with the help of Decorative Laminate designs:

● Bathroom’s deserve some love-

The most neglected space in terms of decor is the bathroom. Well at least in most Indian homes. So Lucida is about to change this once and for all. The high gloss range of Lucida Laminates is water resistant, hence a perfect fit for the bathroom walls and your basin area.

● Mesmerizing Living Rooms-

Lucida Laminates bring you over 50+ laminate designs to choose from. You can go for premium opulent finish laminates, wooden texture laminates and even the stone patterns to make your living room more aesthetic and dimensional.

● Some nostalgia in the Lobby-

If you have a long and beautiful lobby then Lucida can add magic to your space. To make the lobby area more personal and memorable, add some beautiful wall paintings backed up with color rich Lucida Laminates. The color fastness will switch your mood every time you pass through the lobby.


CenturyLaminates is a leading global laminate manufacturer offering a wide range of styles and textures. So, what are you holding out for? Enhance the beauty of your kitchen today. Visit the CenturyPly EShop at

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