Lucida Laminates: Durable and Hi-Gloss Countertop Options
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Lucida Laminates: Durable and Hi-Gloss Countertop Options

When you are designing or renovating your home, you will need to pick the materials carefully. The ones that are beautiful, glossy and durable. One such material is Lucida laminates, known for their durability and glossy options. The range of Lucida includes so many colours, textures, and variety that no matter which kind of design or look you are going for, you will always find something for your needs. 

What makes Lucida laminates amazing is their durability. Like every CenturyLaminates range, even Lucida has its warranty, but many more qualities with CenturyLaminates will make the material outlast its warranty.

Table of Contents

➔ What Makes Lucida Laminates Durable?

➔ Refurbishing Your Home with Lucida Laminates

➔ Why Lucida?

➔ Where to Use Lucida Laminates?

➔ In a Nutshell

What Makes Lucida Laminates Durable?

The durability of Lucida laminates exists due to various reasons. All these reasons ensure that your CenturyLaminates last long and contribute to the inherent strength that Lucida carries. Lucida laminates resist many things, such as scuff, abrasion, stain, impact, and heat. 

Due to being stain and heat-resistant, Lucida laminates work amazingly well when used in your kitchen. You will not have to worry about any spill leaving a stain. And even cooking on a hi-gloss countertop, you will not have to worry about the heat affecting CenturyLaminates. Since it's scuff resistant, there will not be any scratch marks that could be visible and show signs of wear and tear. These qualities make your Lucida laminates durable and always look the same as the first day. 

It also provides you with colour fastness. When purchasing really colourful CenturyLaminates, the most significant concern is the colour fastness. It is natural if you are concerned whether the colour will wear off with time. But the colour of Lucida laminates does not. It has an incredible quality that makes its colour last the same way year after year and maintains its glossiness. 

One of the most significant benefits of getting Lucida laminates is that it does not directly make them durable, but it is an important aspect for you and your family. When you have children in your home, a concern with furnishings is the viruses and bacteria they may carry. These microbes and viruses can make your children sick. For such an issue, CenturyLaminates provides virokill technology that kills any virus on the surface. 

Refurbishing your Home with Lucida Laminates 

When considering purchasing materials for redecorating your home, you need to consider what you want your home to look like. If you want something colourful and great quality, then Lucida laminates could be your go-to material. At the same time, if you want a rustic look, even then, Lucida laminates will meet your needs with the best quality. 

Lucida laminates are durable and hi-gloss, but they also transform your environment into something new and bright. You will never have to worry about its physical appearance since Lucida has the qualities that make its appearance and quality last for years. 

Why Lucida? 

Lucida laminates are one of the best quality materials that you can find in the market. It gives you the best eye-catching look in your living space, kitchen, bedroom, etc. that you can find. Lucida laminates are adaptable due to their elegant and classy look and the quality factors that elevate their value. 

Even when you put weight and pressure on the CenturyLaminates, it will not snap or have any abrasion. The value Lucida laminates add over time makes it favourable among many people. Even virokill technology has been infused into each grain of the laminate, which means it will not wear off or deplete with time and protect your family from bacteria, fungi and other microbes. 

Lucida laminates also come in many colours and textures that will always beautify your home. You can also use it for your commercial space and make your office look positive and welcoming. 

Where to Use Lucida Laminates? 

You can use Lucida laminates wherever you want. But there are specific places where it fits in every way. One of these spaces is your kitchen. A pop of colour with Lucida laminates will make your kitchen look amazing. But at the same time, resistance qualities from stains, abrasions, scuffs, and heat make them amazing for your kitchen. 

You can also have Lucida laminates in your or your kids' bedrooms. You will not have to worry about viruses and bacteria on the furnishings that could make anyone sick. Rather, you can use the same laminates year after year without any change. For such a reason, Lucida laminates are also great for your living room. The bright colours of CenturyLaminates can make any of your guests feel welcomed and positive. 

In a Nutshell

Lucida laminates, known for their durability and hi-gloss, can be used as options for countertops, cabinets, or any other place that catches attention and requires durable material. These laminates will last a long time, considering the warranty, but you can also select the kind of laminate you want. More commonly, Lucida laminates also have a chance of outlasting the warranty with great quality, making it worth your time.

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