Learn everything about the Firewall technology here
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Learn everything about the Firewall technology here

When you'e designing or renovating your house, you always try to plan out every single
element of your dream home meticulously, whether it's about the plywood you'll use, the
colour combination of the doors, the size of the window panels, the fabric of the draperies,
and much more. But have you ever wondered how prepared your home is for a fire? Well! If
No, then now it's time to think about it cautiously. It is one of the crucial questions most
home builders often overlook.

The most frequently ignored, fire safety is among the most crucial elements that must reflect
in the entire framework of your family house.
On average, more than 15,000 fires per year in India alone, causing severe concern to both
life and property. It forces many families to experience emotional, physical, and financial

To avoid such occurrences, CenturyPly has launched the new and enhanced Firewall
technology to produce plywood. Learn everything about the innovative Firewall technology
here by reading the article.

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How does Firewall Technology Work?

In the unforeseen circumstance of a fire, ordinary plywood can rapidly catch fire, allowing
the flames to fan through the sheet in a matter of minutes and unavoidably acting as an
ignition for the further spreading of the fire. It damages property and produces toxic fumes
that could cause suffocation, making it difficult for rescue efforts to proceed without

The ground-breaking plywood infused with Firewall technology, manufactured from the
house of CenturyPly, acts as the most trustworthy fire retardant plywood in this segment. It
is among the top producers of fire-fighting plywood in India.

It possesses several important qualities that can be helpful in the tragic event of a fire
accident. The CenturyPly firewall technology has been recognised as the finest in the industry
to fight fire mishaps.
The use of firewall technology prevents the fire from spreading quickly or acting as a vehicle
for its spread.

Once the fire's source is eliminated, Firewall technology helps in self-extinguishing the fire .
It also reduces smoke emissions to prevent asphyxia.

Customers that use plywood infused firewall technology in their furniture have some extra
time to react, protect themselves and others, and dispatch help such as the fire brigade or
ambulances. This fire retardant plywood comes with no additional charge.

CenturyPly has worked tirelessly on research and development to create Firewall technology,
which was created to limit the harm that fire may do to people and property.
Its unique features make it the finest plywood to use in homes to put out flames.

1. Minimal Flammability

Flammability can be defined as the total duration fire takes for a piece of plywood to ignite
and set off a chain reaction of fires in the vicinity. It is far lower than conventional plywood,
demonstrating that Firewall's fire-retardant properties are effective. Additionally, if the fire's
source is eliminated, the Firewall can effectively reduce the flames. Low flammability limits
the spread of fire and allows you more time to conduct a safe escape.

2. Slow Penetration of Fire

One of the most common elements contributing to the deterioration of a fire-related
catastrophe is the easy and quick penetration of flames. Firewall technology has been
developed to restrict the spread of fires allowing time for rescue activities to get underway
and evacuation preparations to be made for the people. At the same time, the fire's source can
be extinguished, minimising any further harm. Indian residents can use the benefit of slower
fire penetration to protect their families from any mishappenings.

3. Less Smoke Production

Numerous hazardous chemicals and smoke are produced during a fire that is dangerous to
you and your family. For this reason, CenturyPly plywood infused with Firewall technology
employs fewer smoke-producing chemicals than other types of normal plywood.

4. No Deterioration

Suppose you're concerned that moisture would cause more damage to the plywood. In that
case, you'll be relieved to learn that plywood constructed with Firewall technology does not
absorb any moisture from the atmosphere, thus, preventing your plywood furniture from
damage. Your furniture will be protected from damage and maintain its structural integrity
once the fire has been put out.

In addition, plywood created with Firewall technology has termite and borer protection,
allowing for worry-free home construction.

In a Nutshell

Because of the unique and innovative domestic firewall technology, CenturyPly products can
survive the effects of fire much better than any other ordinary plywood available on the

CenturyPly uses nano-engineered particles that are best in class in putting out fires. These
plywood are embedded with an advanced polymer matrix allowing the plywood to hold fire
without spreading on the furniture. So if you're renovating a new house or designing an
existing one, consider using the plywood infused with firewall technology to give your home
more protection against any unforeseen fire accidents. Visit CenturyPly's official website to
discover more about firewall technology.

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