Have The Best Apartment Remodel Ever With CenturyVeneers
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Have The Best Apartment Remodel Ever With CenturyVeneers

The veneer is regarded as the best solution for making your house look luxurious and appealing. Its smooth surface and elegant style offer unmatched beauty. Most interior design specialists recommend the use of wood veneers to give an excellent finish to the interior decoration. Therefore, to refurbish your apartment, you must choose this option to make it more lively and welcoming. 

This article explains the uniqueness of veneer and how you can use it to increase the aesthetic value of your apartment.

What Makes Veneer First Preference for Home Decor?

A veneer is a thin wooden sheet that is made out of wood species like mahogany, black cherry, oak, maple, ash, and bamboo. Therefore, it provides an elegant finish to furniture such as cabinets, doors, cupboards, etc. The following aspects of veneer make it the first choice for home decoration:

● Veneer is more affordable than hardwood furniture. For example, if you want to get an oak wood table, you need to pay a hefty sum of money. However, an oak wood veneer table can be much more affordable and offer you the same look.

● Apart from the elegant look, veneer sheets make furniture durable because they can withstand high temperatures and humidity.

● Wood veneer is a natural product that is generally non-toxic. Moreover, the adhesives do not emit volatile organic compounds. 

How to use Veneer for Home Renovation?

Many professional interior designers prefer using CenturyVeneer for refurbishing old apartments throughout the country. The veneer is the best option that helps them create an exceptional interior design that provides high functionality while being aesthetically pleasing.

Below are some ways to use veneer wood for remodelling your old apartment:

1. Stylise your wardrobe with veneer

These days veneer wardrobes are into fashion as they look stylish and modern. Moreover, you can re-polish them in different shades according to the colour and texture of your walls. Therefore, with a veneer wardrobe, you can easily change the look and colour of your room without worrying about the result.

2. Side tables

A side table is a must-have interior design accessory for the lounge and bedroom. You can use them for keeping items like wallets, phones, pens, etc. While renovating your old space, you can add a layer of CenturyVeneer on top of the side table to make it look luxurious.

3. Veneer cabinet

Your cabinet is among the most useful pieces of furniture because it is useful for keeping books, TV, storage items, or displaying a valuable decorative art piece. Therefore, to increase the aesthetic value of the items placed in the cabinet, you can add a layer of CenturyVeneer so that the cabinet itself becomes the centre of attraction in your living room.

4. Make your kitchen interior as delicious as your dish

The kitchen is one section of the house that requires high creativity and organising skills. To make it ultra-modern, you can use contrasting colour veneer for the cabinet and floating racks. However, you should avoid using it for slabs because it suffers spills, stains, etc.

5. Refurnish the bed for a relaxed sleep

The one thing that relaxes you and prepares you for tomorrow’s challenge is your cosy bed. However, if you return from your work to see a not so well furnished bed, you might fall asleep thinking about changing your bed, and this will eventually increase your anxiety. So to avoid this situation, you can simply use CenturyVeneer to make your bed luxurious and well furnished. By doing this, the thought of changing your cosy best will hardly cross your mind.

6. Veneer study table to improve concentration

A single dent or hole in the study table can disturb your concentration, and this can reduce your productivity. In contrast, if you cover your old study table with CenturyVeneer, all your distractions will vanish with the renovation, and you will be able to concentrate properly on your studies.

7. Doors that welcome

Although people give special attention to selecting the doors of their house, they can still turn old and reduce the value of your entire house. Therefore, when you think of renovating your space, select a beautiful CenturyVeneer layer for your door and make an addition to give your house a dazzling effect.

8. Let your wall do the talk

Consider a plain wall with a single colour. Does it tell a story? Certainly not! Therefore, when it comes to renovating your house, you must use a veneer sheet. It not only makes your house look classy but also gives a picture-perfect background apart from speaking your story and taste.


Wood veneers are certainly the best decorative materials for renovating your house. Moreover, they are highly affordable compared to other materials that can add a highly luxurious look to your home. Therefore, before you initiate renovating your house, visit the CenturyEshop and look at the wide range of veneers and make the best selection for your house.

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