Antiviral v/s Regular: Which Plywood Should you Choose?
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Antiviral v/s Regular: Which Plywood Should you Choose?

Antiviral plywood introduced by CenturyPly, came as a drop of rain in the desert of the global pandemic. Designed to keep Indian homes and living spaces safe, it quickly became the top choice for homeowners and professionals across states.


Compared to regular plywood, CenturyPly’s antiviral plywood manufactured with ViroKill Technology kills more than 99% viruses & microbes like bacteria and fungus. ViroKill Technology patented by CenturyPly works with highly energised nanoparticles that are perpetually active throughout the lifetime of the furniture. Once a virus or microbe lands on its surface, it is killed immediately, thereby keeping you and your precious ones safe at home.


If you are in need of plywood and are contemplating which ply to go for, take a look at the comparison we have drawn between regular and antiviral plywood.



If you are looking for plywood in the Indian market, you will come across 3 major types-- MR grade plywood, BWR grade plywood & BWP grade plywood.


MR or Moisture Resistant plywood refers to commercial plywood which is widely used in many industrial or commercial construction purposes. It is favoured by professionals like contractors due to its strength and affordable pricing.


BWR or Boiling Water Resistant plywood is an upgraded form of MR grade plywood. It is a little costlier as it offers better resistance to water than MR grade plywood.


BWP or Boiling Waterproof plywood is the best quality of plywood available in the Indian market. It is waterproof and has the highest resistance to water out of all the three grades of plywood.


When we talk about regular plywood, we are talking about any plywood that is manufactured in the conventional manner, without any special treatments. Any regular plywood made with ViroKill technology gives it additional virus-killing properties, upgrading it to antiviral plywood.




A home is where you feel the safest. But what if the furniture you’re interacting with on a daily basis is not a hundred percent clean? Antiviral plywood has been specifically designed to eradicate such doubts from a customer’s mind and ensure a sense of relief among them during this time of greatest fear and pandemic.


Our antiviral plywood range is diverse and available in all price points so that everyone has access to the highest quality standards when it comes to building materials. It is super strong, waterproof, easy to maintain, non-hazardous and completely safe for use.


Instead of living in fear of viruses, Raho Befikar with CenturyPly’s antiviral plywood. Discover our entire range here:



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