Sustainable & Trendy: Top 30 Kitchen Cupboards Designs
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Sustainable & Trendy: Top 30 Kitchen Cupboards Designs

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is where one cooks and enjoys their meals. It’s a gathering space for the family, which makes it necessary to balance timeless features with patterns, colours, and textures when designing your perfect kitchen. At the same time, you can be playful with the various colours and textures when paying special attention to kitchen cupboards design. Unleash your creativity and consider every trending cupboard design that may also align with your space and reflect your personality.

As such, we have delivered a list of thirty different kitchen cupboard designs that may meet your needs. One can pick any of these designs and make their kitchen look magically extraordinary.

This blog here senses your urge to chase the most trendy dining table designs in 2024 and beyond! After going through these 10 exquisite dining table designs that ‘WOW’, forget about being confused anymore. Read on to equip the best fit for your dining area!

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Table of Contents:

Top 30 Stylish Kitchen Cupboards Designs for Every Home

Following are some of the most enchanting cupboard designs that can be your inspiration for styling your dream kitchen.

1. Split the Upper and Lower Cupboards

Instead of making your cupboards of a single colour or material, you can split both of them by adding different colours, such as using signature green laminates for the lower cabinets and having a lighter-hued upper cabinet.

Split the Upper and Lower Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

2. Commit to an Earthly Palette

One of the best kitchen cupboard designs is to work with wooden plywood and create an earthy tone in your kitchen. It results in an aesthetically pleasing space with a timeless essence.

 Commit to an Earthly Palette - Kitchen Cupboard Design

3. Rich Walnut Cupboards

If you have white kitchen walls, then using a dark walnut material for your cupboards would be an attractive option. This kitchen cupboard design will make your space look and feel homey, rustic, and timeless.

Rich Walnut Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

4. Create Vented Cupboards

Cupboards do not always have to be entirely covered; they can also be vented. Create customised and chic cupboards by having geometrical ventilation in them.

Create Vented Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

5. Minimalist Cupboards with Light Colours

Make a picture-perfect minimalist kitchen by having light-coloured cupboards. This kitchen cupboard design goes great, specifically if you have dark-coloured walls to make the light furnishings pop.

Minimalist Cupboards with Light Colours - Kitchen Cupboard Design

6. Fluted Glass Cupboards

Add dimensions to your kitchen by having fluted glass cabinetry that reflects light a lot differently than regular glass. Such a kitchen cupboard design will give your kitchen a warm and cosy feel.

Fluted Glass Cupboards -Kitchen Cupboard Design

7. Mix it Up

Add colourful laminates to your furnishings that put a touch of whimsy and brightness to your space. One can choose a combination of paste coral, sunny yellow and baby blue to furnish the cupboard.

Mix it Up - Kitchen Cupboard Design

8. Pick Natural Materials

Using wooden materials from your home’s environment would give your kitchen cupboards a unique pattern. One can go with cypress wood or anything else that may be closely available near home.

9. Turn them All Pink

For a grey, moody room, having a muted pink cupboard would add the perfect amount of colour without feeling out of place. Such a colour combination can add a touch of warmth and brighten up the space.

Turn them All Pink - Kitchen Cupboard Design

10. Choose a High-Gloss Material

One can always utilise a high-gloss material to brighten their kitchen cupboards and also give it an old-school charm. It will reflect a classic vibe while being stylish and trendy.

11. High-Contrast Cupboards

Using mixed materials and highly contrasting paint will always be a big hit in every space. That way, you can create a mix of elements in your kitchen cupboard design that bring out the best in your furnishings and room.

High-Contrast Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

12. Monochromatic Cupboards

If you want to keep your kitchen cupboard design looking simple and stylish, then you can always give it a monochromatic hue. One can never go wrong with monochromes, but it is necessary to make it look great with the rest of your kitchen.

 Monochromatic Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

13. Mixing the Brights with the Wood

Sometimes, one can mix colours and textures not only individually but also together. You can add a lighter shade of colour to some parts of your wooden cupboard and leave the rest of it bare.

Mixing the Brights with the Wood - Kitchen Cupboard Design

14. Have Cupboards without Doors

A common problem in all kitchens is that the cupboard doors may constantly be left open. Remove this problem by not having doors at all. You can then have your everyday items always within reach, and add all matching baskets in your cupboard to minimise your clutter.

Have Cupboards without Doors - Kitchen Cupboard Design

15. Dark Stained Wood

If you have saturated colours in your interiors, then you can always have a dark-stained wood kitchen cupboard design. These deliver a forever vibe and are also a mark of a comfortable kitchen.

Dark Stained Wood - Kitchen Cupboard Design

16. Stained Glass Panels

Your cupboards do not always have to be entirely covered with wood, but you can always add some stained glass panels. These panels are making a tremendous comeback among interior designers, and they can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Stained Glass Panels - Kitchen Cupboard Design

17. Pastel Cupboards

Paint your cupboards in pastels if you want a colourful but not overwhelming look. It can give you an old-time and playful vibe that gives your space an extra splash.

Pastel Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

18. Sky-High Cupboards

One can put their cupboards wherever they desire, but it can also be great to have them high, close to the ceiling. This way, you can utilise all the space in your kitchen, even those above the refrigerator.

Sky-High Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

19. Bright Green Cupboards

If your kitchen needs a pop of colour, then having bright green cupboards may be a fantastic idea. You can arrange your entire space with patterned rugs and potted flowers to make your kitchen feel more open and airy.

Bright Green Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

20. Consistent Cupboards

If your kitchen is a part of your living room or dining room, then you can follow a consistent theme or pattern. For instance, if the furnishings in your living or dining room are of a darker colour, then you can add the same colour to your cupboard as well to make it feel like a part of the same space.

Consistent Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

21. Metal Grate Cupboards

One can always have a unique kitchen cupboard design by having metal grate fronts instead of completely wooden or glass enclosures. Having metal grate fronts on your wooden cupboards will protect your belongings and keep them away from prying eyes.

Metal Grate Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

22. Display Cupboards

Your cupboards do not always have to hide everything away from view. Instead, you can use them to showcase your fine china or any other decorative tableware or object. Having glass fronts on your cupboards will also make your kitchen feel more spacious and open.

Display Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

23. Cupboard with Fancy Hardware

You can have a wooden cabinet but still decorate it with fancy hardware. You can add a dash of luxurious knobs to transform your kitchen and make it look more smokey. Even better if it is paired with a dark and bold colour that will highlight the brightness of the hardware.

Cupboard with Fancy Hardware - Kitchen Cupboard Design

24. Chicken Wire Cupboards

Having craft wire mesh door inserts on your cupboard can make your space look interesting, especially if you have a classic white kitchen.

Chicken Wire Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

25. Glossy Floating Cupboard

Your cupboard does not have to be sky-high or on the bottom of the wall, but it can be a floating one. Add a dash of glossy paint to your kitchen cupboard design, and it will attract everyone’s gaze in the room.

Glossy Floating Cupboard - Kitchen Cupboard Design

26. Interior Painted Cupboard

One can have their cupboards correspond with an accent piece in the kitchen. This will fill the space with vibrant colours and make it look incredibly joyful.

Interior Painted Cupboard - Kitchen Cupboard Design

27. Whitewashed Kitchen Cupboards

Your furnishings do not always have to be vibrant. Instead, they can soften contrasting colours. For instance, you can always have grey cupboards that provide a perfect balance between black and white. That will also complement the stainless steel in your kitchen.

Whitewashed Kitchen Cupboards

28. Formal Cupboards

If your kitchen and dining room share a space, then you can have formal cupboards that look understated and sleek. But you must also have hardware that complements furnishing perfectly.

Formal Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

29. Lacquered Cupboards

You can make your kitchen cupboards design more dramatic by glamming it up with a high gloss colour like wine red. Such a shade adds an incomparable robustness to your kitchen.

Lacquered Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design

30. Custom Cupboards

One can always customise their cupboards to fit the theme of their kitchen. You can put them against corners to use up the extra space or have it any size and colour that may be suitable to your needs.

Custom Cupboards - Kitchen Cupboard Design


Having the perfect cupboard in your kitchen can create the ultimate magic in your space. It’s one of the ways to make your cooking space creative and fresh. You can use anything from wooden plywood,laminates or veneers for your furnishings, but you can also create magic by using stones, wire mesh, stained glasses, metal, or other materials. Ultimately, you can give your kitchen the ultimate twist by having a great kitchen cupboard design that makes you feel excited about cooking and gives your space a unique spark and characteristic.

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