CenturyPromise: You Can't Spell Trust Without Us
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CenturyPromise: You Can't Spell Trust Without Us


CenturyPly brings to you the CenturyPromise App- a unique initiative to protect its customers against fake plywood and grant them peace of mind in making a purchase. As a frontrunner in innovation in India's decorative and plywood industry, we extend digital support through this app that assures the ultimate level of trust among vendors and buyers. Our programmatic creative service solutions provide all details on the genuineness of CenturyPly products via the QR code. This initiative is a first-of-its-kind in the industry that casts away scams that have been lately flooding the plywood market.

Table of Contents

➔ Reasons to Introduce CenturyPromise

➔ What Purpose Does the CenturyPromise App Serve?

➔ How to Use the CenturyPromise App?

➔ CenturyPromise: The On eStop Authentication Solution for All Consumers 

Reasons To Introduce Century Promise

The durable outer look of plywood in the market made it difficult for customers to distinguish authentic plywood from counterfeit ones. Purchasing a low-quality product gives rise to several issues, including

● Reduced longevity: Plywoods that are not resistant to water or manufactured from low-quality materials come with a shorter lifespan and are thus a huge loss on investment.

● Readily cracking surfaces: When used for manufacturing plywood, Brittle veneers cause surface cracks which strongly affect the lifespan of your plywood. 

● Prone to termite and borer invasions: The counterfeit products get easily damaged by termites. They consume the wood from the inside out and leave behind a thin veneer of timber. Haven't you observed a hollow or papery sound on knocking plywood? It's because most of the wood has been eaten away.

● More likely to harbour germs: The fake products do not offer CenturyPly's extraordinary quality- resistance to germs. The fake products often have an odour and stain-causing microbes that can cause allergic reactions.  

However, we ensure that our customers do not face any of these problems by providing them with the quality they trust. Eliminating all concerns regarding the authenticity of CenturyPly products, we present them the scanner right on their palm– on their mobile phones. So, no more questioning the dealer or contractor regarding the product quality or originality. Use the CenturyPromise App and be confident in your purchase.

What Purpose Does the CenturyPromise App Serve? 

The CenturyPromise app comes with the following core benefits:

● Scanning the product for authenticity with the QR code on them.

●  Viewing, downloading and sharing the e-warranty certificate with ease.

● Checking product details regarding the material, measurement, and important features.

● Maintaining transparency with customers when selling CenturyPly products.

● Sharing feedback and complaints with ease. 

How to Use the Century Promise App?

You can download the CenturyPromise app for free. It is compatible with iOS and Android. The following steps summarise how to access the app:

● Download the app from the Play Store/ App store and install it on your smartphone.

● Just the app icon to open the app and click the login button.

● Enter the details required and click the Sign-up button.

● Once you have successfully signed up, you will find the 'Scan QR code option on the app home screen to scan the QR code on your CenturyPly product.

● Place your smartphone over the QR code such that it fits the viewfinder rectangle. Your smartphone camera will scan the code.

● You can also click the 'Upload QR code option and enter the code manually. A number is printed right below the QR code.

● If it is not a genuine product, then you will find the "Not a CenturyPly Genuine Product" message on your screen.

● If your CenturyPly product is genuine, the product description will be displayed on the screen along with the statement 'CenturyPly genuine product'.

● Right below the details, you will find the option to generate and download an e-warranty. Click the button to access, share, or download your e-warranty.

● You can also check offers on various CenturyPly products using the Offers and Promotions tab on the app.

CenturyPromise: The One-Stop Authentication Solution for All Consumers

All CenturyPly products come with a unique QR code for consumers to scan and avail data on the product's authenticity along with the e-warranty certificate for the same.

The app takes your assurance to the next level by providing the date and location of the CenturyPly plant where your product was manufactured. Get details on product names, specifications, measurements, and more. All you require is a smartphone with an active internet connection and the CenturyPromise app installed to stay protected from fake products.

Millions of consumers have put their trust in CenturyPly not just because the company has been in the market for a long but the unique features it promises:

● Superior Ply Strength: Reinforced with SSR, our plywood offers maximum longevity.

● GLP Treatment: Glue Line Protection further enhances the strength of the plywood and renders it borer and termite-proof.

● Insect Proof: As the innovator of Borer-Proof Plywood in India, CenturyPly is recognized for this feature countrywide.

● Size: All plywood comes in various  sizes according to your requirement.

Making an informed decision while purchasing quality plywood is a lot easier with CenturyPly's technological initiative. CenturyPromise app is yet another strong vow to strengthen the trust our customers put in us.  

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