Hi-Gloss Lucida Kitchen Laminate Designs - A fulfilling meal for your kitchen
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Hi-Gloss Lucida Kitchen Laminate Designs - A fulfilling meal for your kitchen

For preparing a tasty meal, you deserve a delicious looking kitchen and to give your kitchen the shine and style it deserves, we’re here with our kitchen laminates.

CenturyLaminates range of gloss finish laminates can give your surfaces enhanced strength and utility while simultaneously adding colour, texture and shine to your kitchen. Laminates are an exterior coating you can pick for surfaces to add multiple benefits. Laminates come in different specifications to meet your needs appropriately and Lucida is your perfect choice. 

Kitchens aren’t just a place where you cook, it’s more than that. A space where you find peace after a mid-night’s craving, a place you want to first find after a long day’s work, a room where you make memories as you prepare meals with love. To a place that provides you with health and happiness, it is only right that you give it the same amount of care that it gives you. There are multiple surfaces around your kitchen that require laminating like your countertops, tables, cabinets and more. Not just the furnishings found in your kitchens but your kitchen walls require the same amount of care and maintenance. These surfaces are constantly around moisture, heat, changing temperatures, liquids and food that can easily decompose. Quite the risky space, the maintenance matters the most to these places. All these conditions can not only harm the life and utility of your kitchenware and furnishings but can also affect your own safety. Be it giving bacteria a breeding ground or taking a large amount of time and effort to clean the dust settled around, your kitchens should be tidy and safe and take the first step by laminating your surfaces.

CenturyLaminates aims at making customers’ lives happy and homes beautiful. In an attempt to give your surfaces an added layer of gloss and grit, CenturyLaminates’ Lucida is a High Gloss laminate that equips your kitchen with multiple benefits. If you’re busy researching and browsing through all the reasons why you should pick Lucida, here’s some you can consider -

High Impact Resistance

Your heavy vessels and vegetables making rounds around the kitchen are now completely safe to place on surfaces laminated with Lucida as this offers a high impact resistance and saves them from heavy objects not just being placed on them, but also the ones accidentally falling on them.

Bye Bye Bacteria

Kitchen contains multiple reasons why bacteria, viruses and microorganisms would emerge. Given the food that can decompose and powders and dust settling in corners and spaces, increasing the safety against these is imperative. Century’s Virokill technology helps fight against these factors. Virokill is designed to destroy any viruses that land on the surface and makes sure your family stays healthy by eating meals prepared in a healthy kitchen.

Safety And Sanitation

Especially in the times we live in, cleanliness is everything. Sanitation is super important and for a place like the kitchen, it is of utmost priority that one keeps it clean. Lucida laminates makes your surfaces easy to clean in just a single swipe be it settled dust or spilled liquids. Not just that, the cleaning liquids that you can contain chemicals that do not damage surfaces laminated with Lucida. Tidiness comes at a low effort when your kitchen is equipped with Lucida.

Style and Shine

Do all your utility benefits come at the cost of a boring decor? Not at all!

Lucida laminates come in different colours and textures that are also resistant to stains and scratches and the gloss stays a long long time. Your everyday wear and tear has no impact on your surfaces staying bright and clean and looking fresh regardless.

For the kitchen that gives you beautiful meals and memories, pick interiors that give it beauty.

Know more - https://www.centuryply.com/lucida/cl  

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