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Make innovation a part of your renovation

Renovation without innovation is not actually renovation. Even after knowing this fact, one tends to slip through innovation easily in the name of budget, practicality, or aesthetics. Only to realize that the renovation is half-hearted this time. 

To not let this feeling enter your mind and your home, the house of CenturyPly has come up with the most affordable and innovative plywood in the market, Sainik 710, that is completely waterproof and durable in nature.

Imagine getting the best home renovation. Imagine all the spaces having beautiful and graceful wooden furniture like a comfortable bed and stunning chairs. Now imagine the same in your personal relaxing place - your bathroom. Sounds strange? Wood in a bathroom? Yes! This is possible with the innovative Sainik 710.

This Asli waterproof plywood is made under high heat and pressure and comes to you after passing stringent boiling waterproof tests for straight seventy hours so that you never have to compromise on quality while renovating your special place - your home - in this big wide world.

Keep your furniture in as good as new condition for years with no sign of damage from water or moisture. Let plywood grace every nook and corner of your home with its durability and stunning look. Moreover, this waterproof plywood is also borer and termite proof, thus saving you from any damage due to these microbial organisms.

The benefits of Sainik 710 plywood go well beyond functionality. Its time to keep your eyes on innovation and aesthetics wide open with this ultimate plywood. There is no space in your home that cannot be adorned with stunning furniture pieces that are stunning inside out.

Also, if you are planning to give your house a quality makeover keeping a budget in mind, then again, Sainik 710 is just the thing for you. This plywood is available in the market just at the price of Rs 102 per Square Foot for you to keep your pockets and your renovation in check.

Make hard-to emulate designs for every space in your home with the Sainik 710 plywood. Your furniture elements would soon become an inspiration for all your visitors. Learn more about this innovative Asli waterproof plywood here: ​​​​​​​



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