Get Ready to install decorative doors at your doorstep
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Get Ready to install decorative doors at your doorstep

What’s a better way to announce your entrance than with the spotlight on you as you step out of your car and dramatically walk across the red carpet? Coming home after a tiring day at work to enter through a beautiful door you admire.

Doors, the entryway to every other space you can imagine from homes to classrooms to offices. Historically, doors were functionally designed and installed to safe keep and protect the home from outside threats but it has evolved into a much more complex part of the house. Across several cultures, people choose to worship doors as they symbolise change and a journey into something new. This involves decorating doors too. Doors are now an integral part of home decor. Doors are found across the house and why not go all out on picking beautiful designs and patterns? 

While building a house or redecorating your office space or just changing up the overall look of a place, there are a lot of things to consider. Picking doors that match this theme is just as important as the other parts of decorating. Doors come in different shapes, sizes and designs and can be a task to pick or customize to your needs. For those running around on other errands and want to cut down the never ending lookout for a perfect door, we’ve got you covered!

Centuryply is India’s leading manufacturer of plywood and other housing products. We are aimed at making our consumers' lives happy and beautiful. If assisting in finding the perfect door along with other housing needs is just the thing a customer needs, we’re here to help. CenturyDoors are premium quality ready to use doors that are designed and developed by Centuryply. These doors bring design and durability to one place and give strength, safety and style altogether. CenturyDoors provides one with multiple options and for the ones looking to express themselves in bold and bright entrances there are decorative doors perfect to fit your requirements -

Century Laminated Doors

This option comes with a superior surface finish and in a wide range of shades and styles designed in line with international trends. Adding a classy touch to your homes, Century Laminated doors are super strong against slamming and bending and come with a 7 year warranty. They are resistant to stain and changing weather conditions. The doors are of boiling waterproof grade, and goes well into any given place. Add extravagance to your space by picking Century Laminated doors.

Century Veneered Doors

This beauty in a door is strong yet sensible, simple and shy. Offering high mechanical strength and resistance to warp, this option is elegance added to your space. They are manufactured with a superior surface finish and are resistant to water, climate and keep away borers and termites. With a high resistance to impact, you can expect your doors to stand strong for a long time and it comes with a warranty of 7 years. For an eye-catching entrance to your homes or offices, Century Veneered doors are the perfect choice.

Sainik Laminated Doors

Strength and style are now delivered to you at affordable prices with our Sainik Laminated doors. They offer superior resistance to bending and slamming and are super reliable to live long lives fighting against pests, insects, moisture and changing weather conditions. Covered with high pressure laminates, these doors have a beautiful finish. To effortlessly and significantly improve the look of your home, opt for Sainik Laminated Doors.

For decorative and durability reasons, CenturyDoors are your go-to option that checks all boxes on your list.

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