Ensure a healthy environment for your kids
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Ensure a healthy environment for your kids

Various studies from various authentic sources show that children are at a greater risk to fall sick or catch an infection when coming in contact with germs like bacteria, viruses or other microbes as compared to adults that are exposed to the same environment. This makes it all the more important that we give a healthy environment to our kids.

The current pandemic situation has been deadly for all of us but it still gives us an opportunity to selectively choose a healthier environment for our kids. Unlike older days, kids are not moving out for their education or playing. This makes their homes to be their eventual abode.

Now all you have to do is make your homes free from germs. Sounds easy. Doesn’t it?

But is it really easy to ensure such an environment that is germ-free and thus, can keep your kids safe from any kind of environment?

The common human psychology is that regular cleaning and dusting can get us rid of the disease-causing germs. At most, we go for sanitising all the surfaces on which the germs can settle for long.

The problem with such cleaning methods are that:

1. They do not understand the biology of different microbes. Some can be killed by sanitisers whereas some might be tolerant to them, thereby staying where it was and infecting anyone that comes in their contact.

2. With the germs coming along the frequent dust, it is practically not possible to dust all the furniture surfaces of the whole house every now and then. You definitely have a lot on your plate!

3. Sanitising is not a sustainable solution as down the line, it harms your furniture. Continuous application or spraying of ethanol delaminates the furniture, takes away its shine and can also fade the colour of your beautiful wooden decor.

We get it. What do you suggest then?

We get it that safety of your kids comes prior to the finesse of your living space. But what if we say that you can be entitled to the goodness of both a healthy environment and a superior furniture intact to your living spaces?

Yes, you can. CenturyPly makes it possible for you with its ViroKill Technology that comes intact to its plywood.

All you need is furniture that is made of the plywood that is embedded with this amazing technology that keeps your home 99.99% germ-free. Isn’t it a safe percentage to gamble upon in comparison to zero protection that a regular plywood gives you?

The ViroKill technology offered by CenturyPly embeds the plywood with nanoengineered particles that makes it antiviral, anti-bacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial. With this technology, whenever a germ (virus, bacteria, fungus, microbe) comes in contact with the surface of the plywood, ViroKill will rupture the outer cell membrane of that particular germ and this will eventually kill it.

Therefore, you are totally allowed to feel lazy and strike off dusting from your to-do list some days. Also, brownie points for your kids is that no more scolding on sitting on any wooden piece around your house.

Read the various advantages of ViroKill technology here: https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury

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