Beautify your living room with antiviral laminates
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Beautify your living room with antiviral laminates

No matter how much people say that beauty is achieved at a price, we don’t want you to believe in such a narrative. Can you do that for yourself?

If you are still skeptical about what we are trying to convey, let us reveal the secret of the no-compromise beauty for your living room decor in terms of your health.

CenturyLaminates comes with a solution with which we strike a fine balance between beauty without compromise and health is wealth!

ViroKill is a pioneering technology from the brand of plywood and laminates innovation that offers you 99.99% protection from various bacteria and viruses.

How is it possible? 

We know it sounds confusing. But that’s what we believe in doing - Leaping beyond the technologies that already exist in the markets to find just the solutions that mankind can use fondly.

So, when we say antiviral laminates, we mean that now wherever you decide to use laminates in your living room, for instance, the walls, the TV panels or the chest drawers, you decide to make that place a safe zone for you to be at!

In times of pandemic, when something as tiny as the virus has changed the discourse of the whole world by setting a ‘new normal’, it has become all the more important to safeguard ourselves from these invisible intruders, so that even if they enter in the premises without you having known that, your furniture tackles it there itself.

Is it really possible?

With CenturyLaminates, yes!

The nanotechnology embeds the specially designed nanoparticles of the laminates that you use to fabricate your furniture. These particles do not simply repel the microorganisms so that they can settle somewhere else and harm your health. But actually rupture its cell membrane, leading to its killing.

So, you do not actually need to subject your laminates to wet dusting cloths or disinfectants again and again as this would eventually take away the charm from your furniture by delamination.

Isn’t it a double bonanza with one single CenturyLaminates?

The best part is yet to come. Here are some pointers that might need you to sit on the lovely sofa set in your living room (Hopefully, it’s antiviral):

1. AAAA Defence Mechanism: Although we use antiviral, in actuality, the ViroKill Technology is designed to tackle four different types of microorganisms. This makes it antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial along with antiviral.

Aren’t we an all-rounder already? 

2. Affordability: CenturyLaminates do not want to add a burden to its customers. Thus, despite including this unprecedented technology in its laminates, it does not cost even a penny over the original cost of the respective laminate.

Health is wealth but secretly, we all admire that wealth is also important! 

3. All Laminates: If you are worried that adding the antiviral aspect can take away the many options of laminates from you, you have misunderstood our perception to make it easy for you. All the laminates of the CenturyLaminates have embedded antiviral properties.

So, make no compromise on your choices to achieve beauty the way you define it!

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