From Threat Detection to Response: Leveraging CenturyPly's Firewall Technology for Comprehensive Protection
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From Threat Detection to Response: Leveraging CenturyPly's Firewall Technology for Comprehensive Protection

Prevention is better than cure. The proverb is universal and stands true to your concern towards accidental fire. With innovative characteristics-laden plywood in trend, those who aren't well aware might fear the fire-related scenario. However, technological advancement allows innovation to match with safety, functionality, and aesthetics. The plywood, available with CenturyPly, is a versatile raw material perfect for almost all decor, alarming and harmful needs. Thus, we introduce CenturyPly's Firewall Technology for comprehensive protection.

Table of Contents: 

Firewall Technology 
Leveraging Firewall Technology From Threat Detection to Response
Properties of CenturyPly Plywood With Firewall Technology

Firewall Technology

While we mentioned the incredible impact of Firewall technology, we have yet to introduce it precisely. So, beginning with this, the Firewall Technology is the technology incorporated into CenturyPly's plywood products that impart maximum possible protection from fire through different methods. The technology is introduced and incorporated into the material through nano-engineered particles. 

They are embedded into the polymer matrix of plywood, ensuring no loss of property on cleaning, using chemicals like disinfectants, or using other methods. Thus, the firewall technology in the plywood is everlasting. The prime purpose of the technology is to ensure maximum human safety, which acts by minimising the speed and preventing the spread of fire, self-extinguishment and avoiding the generation of toxic smoke. 

Now, let's uncover how a simple decision can make you a step ahead during fire emergencies. Also, discover how to leverage the firewall technology from threat detection to response.

Leveraging Firewall Technology From Threat Detection to Response

Threat Detection 

Threat detection as witnessed in general wood-based materials or simple plywood: 

  • At the onset of a fire, the thermal decomposition of wood materials begins. 

  • The immediate consequence is damage to the associated items, humans or things around it and falling off the materials. 

  • The excessively generated smoke causes breathing issues. 

  • The combination of the onset of panic and the inability to breathe typically leads to chaos. 

  • Further, the wood items serve as the fuel to fire, thus spreading it. 

With CenturyPly Plywood, the threat detection is redefined: 

  • During the onset of fire alerts with merely its presence, the thermal decomposition process is slowed and eliminated 

  • The low smoke emission keeps the mind peaceful and does not cause the panic situation 

  • The ability to prevent the spread of fire into the product's depth and along or across the product does not occur, and hence, no product or environmental damage.


With innovative and technologically advanced properties of plywood with Firewall Technology, people can benefit by getting enough time to: 

  • Staying vigilant and evacuating the place (especially for elders and children, who require time for evacuation) 

  • Calmly isolate the fire source to remove the existence of fire completely 

  • Open the doors and windows to lower the smoke density 

  • Contacting emergency services 

  • Removing essential documents and objects, if required 

Properties of CenturyPly Plywood With Firewall Technology

Let's discuss the properties of CenturyPly plywood that stand behind higher response time. 

Low Flammability

It is the time required to catch fire and ignite its environment. Compared to general plywood, the time is reduced with incorporated technology. It aids in increasing the burnout time, thus impeding its spread. Generally, the product will resist flame penetration for as long as 50 minutes (equivalent to an hour). 


This property allows the burning of the plywood to stop once the source of the fire is isolated. As already discussed, it does not require much force to work on fire (in minor cases). The property also lowers the risk of re-ignition. 

Low Smoke Emission

Smoke generation is one of the most dangerous problems during a fire. Not only does the smoke cause asphyxiation, but it also is toxic for individuals. The common misconception of higher smoke generation is also associated with incorporating the Firewall technology. To clear the air, the CenturyPly plywood, despite the technology, allows only low or minimal smoke emission from the plywood. 

Structural Integrity

As we stated, depending on the extent of fire, the harm to surroundings and environment is minimally expected in case of fire. This benefit is possible due to the structural integrity of CenturyPly plywood. The strong adhesives and inherent wood strength are responsible for the property. 

No Delamination

Sprinkling water at the onset of fire is a standard action. While you might need clarification about whether to take action based on its properties, here's a thumbs up from our side. The manufacturing department has taken the best care not to allow delamination when contacting water. The property is due to the inability to absorb.


Accidents can occur anytime. A presence of mind is essential to handle the situation effectively and come out of it with minimal loss. CenturyPly's plywood with Firewall technology is incorporated with all the relevant properties, helping you buy some time in emergencies. Further, the certifications prove the capacity to deliver as promised. To help you get the product with all the properties and promised technologies, CenturyPromise further helps to cross-check the received item.

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