Transform Your Space: Exploring CenturyPly's Innovative Interior Design Solutions
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Transform Your Space: Exploring CenturyPly's Innovative Interior Design Solutions

When you sit down with your morning coffee, thinking of a modern design for your space, pick not the local magazine for inspiration; grab your phone!

At CenturyPly, we present you with an array of interior design solutions that add the flair you desire. Push not your innovative ideas aside; instead, convey them to our interior design professionals, watch them pick the most durable yet elegant materials and introduce you to amazing creations.

Table of Contents:

The Range of CenturyPly Interior Design Materials

    The Expertise of CenturyPly Interior Design Professionals

    The Tools That Help Envision Your Dream Home


The Range of CenturyPly Interior Design Materials

Looking to renovate your place or planning to build an exceptional one? Think of all your needs, make a list, and head to CenturyPly. Yes, it’s that simple!

We bring you a range of products, including


For constructing long-lasting cabinets, wardrobes, table tops, bookshelves, or any other idea that strikes your mind, pick from CenturyPly plywood options like Sainik MR, Sainik 710, Club Prime, Architect Ply, etc. They are fire-resistant, anti-microbial, boiling waterproof, and borer and termite-proof.


Thinking of what to add to plywood surfaces that turn your piece into a piece of art? Turn to CenturyLaminates for more than a hundred unique laminate designs and textures. Don’t miss out on the extravagant Manish Malhotra laminates!


When thinking of exuding some unmatchable sophistication, pick veneers. Available in four broad ranges, including NatzuraWoods, SenzuraStyles, Progetto Wood, and Dark Forest, these add the grace of wood to your setting, mesmerising your senses and enhancing your furniture's inherent beauty.

Zykron Fibre Cement Boards:

Our WPC Board range is the perfect backbone for tiling, stonework, and brickwork. It surpasses drywall and tiles. While the former lacks the necessary water resistance, the latter, when used in damp areas, are susceptible to mould, borer, and mildew. This is why you need the outshining CenturyPly Zykron WPC Board. They are easy to handle, install, and maintain. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture, borer, termite, fire, and varied weather conditions, proving themselves ideal for a variety of applications.

SPB Boards:

In a quest for products that address the future needs of the construction industry, we introduced Solid Polymer Boards. These new-generation building materials are environmentally friendly, super easy to maintain, and can be easily installed and even re-installed.

Be it for your doors, slabs, partition walls, furniture back liners, or even high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens, SPB sheets can be used in an ample number of ways.


What’s better than captivating your visitors’ interest right at the doorstep? Considered to be the best flush door manufacturer in India, CenturyDoors presents a collection of classy plain flush doors, decorative flush doors and moulded panel doors. It’s time to transform your place with entrances that are strong, durable, and long-lasting. Benefit from the incorporation of the latest technologies while adding a touch of style and grace to your interiors with quality shades of wood.

The Tools That Help Envision Your Dream Home

When every material urges you to click the ‘Add to Cart’ option, you definitely can’t do that! But you need not curb the thoughts, too. Rather, let imaginations turn wild and check how they would translate into reality.

We present you with a one-of-a-kind Colour Bar tool to help you explore the options and check how they would look when installed in an area. Use the filter options to select finish, preference, and colour. Experiment and choose the one that closely matches your idea.

Another game changer is our Visualiser. Allowing you to explore options in our laminates and veneers range, visualisers help you narrow down to that perfect look.

The Expertise of CenturyPly Interior Design Professionals

With over 38 years in the industry, CenturyPly knows what it takes to craft stellar interiors that transform the place. Our team of interior design professionals brings your dream to life with designs that you feel connected to.

At CenturyPly, our designers aren't just experts in materials and technologies; they are well-versed in the trends, passionate about creating spaces that perfectly reflect your taste and combining your unique vision with their innovative ideas.

Their attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, and years of expertise translate into a space that has your visitors gape in amazement!


The mirth of imagining and then watching those ideas turn into reality is utter bliss. At CenturyPly, we wish to extend this feeling of mirth to every consumer that comes our way. Make the best out of our available options. There is something for every taste!

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