Firewall Technology in the Home: Creating a Safe Haven for Families
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Firewall Technology in the Home: Creating a Safe Haven for Families

According to a report by the Department of Fire Services, accidental fire cases have increased over the years. In 2023, The Hindustan Times reported that 689 people were injured, and 59 deaths have been recorded in fire tragedies in India. It is important to install items in the home that are not prone to catching fire easily and thus safeguard your family and loved ones. 

However, installing wooden items, which themselves are fuel-to-fire elements, is common. Concerning increased accidental fire tragedies, CenturyPly has created plywood with inbuilt firewall technology. The technology in your doors and other wooden materials resists fire penetration and easy spread of fire. This buys you enough time to vacate your place, save your important belongings, stop the fire, and call fire extinguishers. Know how firewall technology is beneficial to safeguard your families. 

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Understanding Firewall Technology

Firewall technology is one of the exclusive technologies manufactured by CenturyPly. The technology is made up of nanomaterials and fire retardant chemicals embedded not only on the surface but also cross-sectionally in the plywood layers. The firewall technology is specially created to resist flames of fire and delay rapid fire spread. Additionally, it helps reduce smoke during the fire. 

With firewall technology, you can get extra time to vacate your place, stop fire, and call fire extinguishers when necessary. You must be thinking the chemical used for firewall technology releases toxic gases that may cause harm to humans when inhaled. Do not worry! Smoke emitted holds no toxic fumes that cause suffocation or other breathing issues to humans.

How Does Firewall Technology Create a Safe Haven for Families?

Let us explore how Firewall technology helps one safeguard one's family and loved ones from accidental fire breakouts. 

Low Flammability

The flammability of a wooden material is the time it takes to catch the flames and initiate sequential ignition in the surroundings. Regular plywood acts as a fuel to fire. Unlike regular plywood, CenturyPly’s firewall technology makes their plywood resistant to fire. With firewall technology, fire takes an hour to burn the surface of a 9 mm-thickness Century plywood. The time is enough to vacate the home with loved ones, even for small kids and older members who cannot walk properly. 

Slow Fire Penetration

Fire outbreaks take a standard time of over 50 minutes to penetrate the surface of the 19 mm ( under standard test condition) thick plywood. Even in the night hours, one gets enough time to take vital documents, necessary belongings, and other stuff outside the house and call fire extinguishers. It determines that the safety of life is assured with firewall technology! 

Less Smoke Generation

Quality plywood use within interiors with firewall technology not only slows the fire penetration and spread but also reduces the emission of smoke. So, while people are vacating, this feature of plywood keeps them from suffocation. The CenturyPly firewall products used in different places like doors, windows, furniture, kitchen, bathroom, etc, do not emit smoke when exposed to fire. 

Is Firewall Technology Certified?

Knowing the features impresses people to install products that are manufactured with firewall technology. However, it is crucial to build trust, which requires certifications and licenses to prove abilities. Here, we have mentioned the list of the tests through which the quality of firewall technology has been proven.

  1. National Test House Report

  2. Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute (IPIRTI)

  3. Spectro Analytical Labs Limited

The names mentioned above are among the popular research institutes and facilities that have tested the firewall technology under standard guidelines. The certificates and licenses earned by firewall technology aid in assessing the quality and strength that cannot be viable through the naked eye. These proven capabilities of firewall technology can safeguard and protect us and our loved ones in times of emergencies and accidental fire breakouts. These incidents can occur for several reasons, such as electric shock, oil maps, lighting, crackers, and so on.

Wrapping Up!

Are you planning to renovate your space and looking for quality wooden material? Investing in wooden materials such as furniture, doors, and others enhances features and aesthetics. However, with quality plywood with firewall technology, you can add a blend of functionality, strength, and durability with aesthetics. Firewall technology is like a bodyguard in case of sudden or accidental fires. Install plywood with firewall technology and provide extra protection to your loved ones with CenturyPly now!

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