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Key Tips to Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom with Antiviral Laminates

Your bedroom is like your home within your home-- it is your safe haven where you retire after a long and tiring day. Your bedroom demands more caution and care and therefore, should be carefully designed to give you a sense of security where you and your dreams can foster and flourish. An added layer of protection can be given to your bedroom furniture in the form of CenturyLaminates.

High pressure laminates are beautiful, long lasting and extremely versatile when it comes to styling, designing and securing your bedroom. It can be used in different forms and in different capacities to adorn your bedroom to enhance its aesthetic sensibilities. Read this blog to know a few key tips to decorate a beautiful bedroom with our antiviral laminates range.

Think about all the furniture in your bedroom that you touch most frequently-- the bed frame, the bedside table, closet space and the walls. It is these furniture elements that need to be covered in antiviral laminates to create a safer, cleaner and more hygienic bedroom space.

1. How to Decorate the Bed Frame

Key Tips to Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

The bed frame is a frequently-touched surface in the bedroom. Therefore, you should consider antiviral laminates as a choice of surface solution for the same. CenturyLaminates has a unique range of woodgrains and textured laminates that will be perfect for your bed frame.

Style Tip: You can choose a woodgrain or textured laminate to imitate the looks and charm of natural wood at just a fraction of the cost.

2. How to Design your Bed-side Table

Key Tips to Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

Your bed-side table is the keeper of your essentials such as medicines, books, wallet, keys, glasses and more. It is an indispensable piece of furniture in your bedroom and should be given the protection it deserves with antiviral laminates.

Style Tip: Give your table the oomph-factor by using sophisticated marbled-designs from our Silk Tuff range or our beautiful combination laminates and turn it into statement furniture.

3. How to Style your Closet Space

Key Tips to Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

Your closet is one of the most important aspects of your bedroom. After all, it stores all the items that help you define your identity to the world. Instead of reducing your wardrobe to just a functional piece of furniture, elevate it into the focal point of your room with the correct colour, pattern, finish and design. CenturyLaminates comes in a wide range of possibilities that will offer you the best choice for your closet.

Style Tip: Unique Fabric collection design laminates can add a long-lasting finish to your closet and turn it into your favourite spot in your room.

4. How to Add Glamour to your Walls

Key Tips to Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly


Wall paneling with high-pressure laminates an ingenious way to uplift the ambiance of your room. They are easy to install, maintain and come in a myriad designs you are sure to fall in love with!

Style Tip: Choose gradient laminates, Woodgrains & solids or combination laminates for a unique wall paneling design.

Open a world of unique design possibilities with award-winning antiviral CenturyLaminates. These laminates are carpenter-friendly, have incredible colour fastness and are supremely durable.

Check out our entire range from our latest LookBook 2020-22 here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/catalouge-lookbook.php

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