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Everything you should know about Exteria laminates

If you are of the opinion that laminates are only good for interiors, Exteria laminates from the house of CenturyPly will definitely change your mind. Interior laminates are unarguably the most commonly used finishing layer for various surfaces like plywood furniture, flooring, wall panels and MDF, but the trend of exterior laminates is taking over Indian homes and commercial spaces.



In simple terms, exterior laminates are a dry cladding material used to adorn the exteriors of structures like office spaces, Hi-rises, homes, hospitals, malls and so on. Cladding materials can either be wet or dry; CenturyPly Exteria belongs to the latter category. It is ideal for exterior applications, expertly made from an admixture of kraft paper and decorative paper. It is specially treated by double hardened resins during the production process to make it tough enough to endure weathering. 


CenturyPly Exteria laminates are special exterior laminates made from the best raw materials to give you highly functional yet stylish exteriors. They are produced from imported European virgin, long fibre kraft paper, adorned with weather-proof German acrylic film, giving it high resistance to heavy rainfall, harsh sunlight, scarring dust storms, extreme temperature fluctuations  and ensures indomitable protection against UV rays.



CenturyPly Exteria laminates are carefully produced to give you maximum benefits in one product.

 a) Strength & Durability

While production, special double hardened resin is used to impregnate the papers, giving them long-term durability. The homogeneity in the composition and density of the core ensures high pull-out strength and dimensional stability. This shields Exteria from denting or wrinkling, making it ideal for outdoors

 b) Ventilated Facade System

Ventilated Facade System method creates a gap in between the wall and cladding product lining, providing a layer of air cushion that acts as a thermal barrier. Ventilated façade system makes the building more energy efficient.

 c) Self-Supporting

CenturyPly Exteria panels are self-supporting and don’t require a complete support system.

 d) Fire-Retardant

These panels are fire-retardant, holding EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E84 Class A certification. This ensures that your exteriors are shielded even from the unfortunate event of a fire.

 e) Easy to Use

CenturyPly Exteria panels come in classy designs and can be disassembled and reassembled easily for your ease. This property has helped CenturyPly attain a green building certification.

 f) Low-Maintenance

Exteria Laminates offer hassle-free maintenance, which means that there is no requirement of specific cleaning procedures or maintenance regime required. 

CenturyPly Exteria acts as the perfect solution for your exterior, offering you a myriad array of decorative possibilities. They come in a wide range of shades and the applications can be designed according to your vision, supported by the unique property that makes Exteria perforation-friendly. With the backing of our dedicated technical team, choose CenturyPly Exetria laminates and let our professionals offer you a complete 360 degree solution.

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