CenturyPly: Fire Retardant Plywood Offers More Than Just Protection
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CenturyPly: Fire Retardant Plywood Offers More Than Just Protection

Table of Content

➔      Introduction

➔      Being prepared for it counts

➔      Firewall Plywood: More than just protection

             ◆      Fire Resistance

             ◆      No Toxic Fumes

             ◆      Gradual Fire Penetration

             ◆      Fire Extinguishing Properties

➔      Applications of the CenturyPly Firewall Plywood

➔      In a nutshell


There are plenty of plywood brands in India but how many can claim to be “fire retardant” or “termite resistant”? Not very many.  And no this is not just another fancy sounding marketing gimmick. The CenturyPly Firewall Technology plywood is the real deal if you are seriously interested in taking quality fire protection measures for your home.

With this article, let’s dive deeper into why CenturyPly felt the need for such an innovation in the first place. We will discuss everything beginning from what Firewall Technology Plywood is, why it is important, what are its features and application. Let's get started.

Being prepared for it counts

Accidents are unavoidable and they happen, both good or bad. They say even luck is an accident. But when a fire accident breaks out, you can not wait for you to get lucky. This is why precautionary safety measures are the best thing to rely upon. Check out some of the precautionary measures you must take for your home:

●       Install smoke detection systems

●       Use quality insulated electric wires

●       Use flame-retardant materials in interiors

With Fire Redundant Plywood from CenturyPly, you can ensure safety by being prepared for the worse. Let’s see how firefighting plywood functions.

Plywood with Firewall Technology: More than just protection

A fire-retardant plywood is a good way to save you and your household items in the event of a fire. Firewall Protection is essentially a surface layer treatment applied to plywood. It embeds specialized nano engineered particles in the plywood's polymer matrix system. As a result, the plywood becomes fire resistant. Some of the unique features of CenturyPly Fire retardant Plywood are:

1. Fire Resistance:

As per the Indian Standards Institute (ISI), the CenturyPly Firewall Protection Plywood has been recorded to have a flammability of more than 30 minutes (for a 19mm plywood) under test conditions. This is way past the line from a regular plywood which spreads the fire under 8 min 40 sec even after the external source of fire is removed.

2. No Toxic Fumes:

People with respiratory diseases and kids suffer an instant reaction to toxic fumes. In an uneventful situation, the most damaging thing apart from the fire is the harmful fumes that emerge from the burning wood and household items. With CenturyPly Fire Resistant Plywood, you can cut down on the air toxicity in case of fire. This plywood does not burn easily and moreover, it has been recorded to produce no toxic gas that can block human respiratory airways. Thus, protecting you from suffocation.

3. Gradual Fire Penetration:

CenturyPly Fire Resistant Plywood delays the spread of fire with the help of a special coating. This insulation not only slows down the spread of fire by not burning rapidly, but it also doesn't allow the plywood to fuel the fire more in any way. Since wood is naturally combustible, this insulatin is a great way to ensure safety from fire accidents.

4. Fire Extinguishing Properties:

The testing of plywood with Firewall Technology has recorded that once the source of fire is removed, CenturyPly Firewall Protection plywood can slow down the fire penetration. It gradually minimizes the fire and eventually extinguishes it completely.

This explains how CenturyPly Firewall Technology Plywood is the best in class among fire fighting plywood

Applications of the CenturyPly Fire Retardant Plywood

Some of the smartest applications of Firewall Protection Plywood must include the furniture and the modular kitchen cabinets of your home. Since the source of fire can start from the kitchen, hence investing in your kitchen remodel seems like a good way to start.

If you are thinking about it right now, then go over to the CenturyPly E-Shop and explore your options there. The following Plywood with Firewall Technology products might interest you:

●       ArchitectPly Plywood

●       ClubPrime Plywood

In a nutshell

The test results of CenturyPly Firewall Technology Plywood have been recorded to surpass the Indian, American and British standards of plywood manufacturing. Check out the CenturyPly Eshop to learn more about the different types of Plywood with Firewall Protection and to have it delivered right to your door.

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