Diwali means new laminates for your old furniture
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Diwali means new laminates for your old furniture

Diwali is not just a festival of lights but it is also symbolic of cleanliness and adding newness to our immediate environment. For this reason, before lighting, there is a detailed prenup as to what is it that needs to be cleaned and what is it that needs a change for a truly festive experience.

To this, one very important aspect is of the furniture that is supposed to adore our place. Furniture is an important aspect that actually defines the interior of our house. Vintage, rustic or modern, whatever nomenclature we give to our decor, it is heavily based on the furniture. And now that we are talking about Diwali, we would like to talk about adding freshness by the means of furniture.

Well, we completely understand that it is impossible for anyone to swap the whole furniture in one go. Also, since it is time sensitive too, why not opt for a judicious way to makeover our place?

This Deepawali, let CenturyLaminates ornate your living space to make it look as if you have renovated the whole house:

1. Dapper Diwali Decor:

Let’s change the narrative of festooning this Diwali by redoing the decor of the walls with CenturyLaminates. Now no need to buy new decorations this Diwali which is very much similar to what your neighbours will be buying for their house. Raise the bar by upgrading your walls without the usual paints.

Achieve unique patterns with CenturyLaminates to break the mundane monotony. The best part about these decorative laminates is that they are scuff free. So, with CenturyLaminates, you need not worry about the damage!

2. Kindling Kitchen Cabinets:

Your house is not limited to your living room. We understand that your kitchen deserves an outlook that is not only new but also adds to the glory of your house.

Thus, CenturyLaminates offer Lucida laminates that shall add the glorious gloss to your kitchen which makes the guest sitting in your living room magnetise to your kitchen too. And when they ask about a tip on such beautiful cabinets, you know whom to refer: Lucida CenturyLaminates!

3. Luring Laced Living:

The living room is the first encounter of anyone’s home and thus, it is of utmost priority especially during the festive times when the guests keep on budging in with the greetings. This makes a living room a project in itself.

But do you know however big a project it is, it doesn’t need to go big on budget. With CenturyLaminates, you can now choose any solid colour or grain touch finish for your living room without scraping the whole furniture. 

One more advantage of CenturyLaminates is that all are antiviral. No matter how many guests you invite to your place, you can be stress-free about the germs that enter your premises. The moment these viruses or bacteria settle on your furniture, the ViroKill laminates rupture their cell membranes and within 24 hours, the microbes will be dead, staying ineffective to the health of your family.

So are you ready for a Diwali makeover?

Choose the CenturyLaminate that suits your taste: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/


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